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The movie is about to start and I pop into the pantry and pull out a can of freeze-dried corn and bring it to the couch. Most people would think you’re crazy to eat corn out of a can for a movie snack but those would also happen to be the same people that haven’t tried Provident Pantry’s Freeze Dried Super Sweet Corn.


Seriously, this corn straight out of the can is amazing. I like corn as much as the next gal but find me eating much more of it when its freeze-dried corn. You can eat it dry like I do most of the time or put it in recipes or simply reconstitute it with water and add a little salt, pepper, and butter.

With a shelf life of 20-30 years the Provident Pantry Corn is also a great long term deal. So far we have tried it in 2 meals and fed it to our kids each time. No complaints or comments for that matter, business as usual which means they thought it was nothing any different than store purchased corn.

For more discerning taste buds, my husband and I would agree it is better than frozen corn by a mile but not as good as corn fresh off the cob.


The first thing you will notice when looking over the can is how full it is. Some companies ship 80% full cans which really can be the difference between a good deal and a mediocre deal but that definitely isn’t the case here. You start to notice those things especially when a food item is a dollar an ounce or more and you are being shorted 3-4 ounces vs another companies offering, it adds up.


The Provident Pantry freeze dried corn from Emergency Essentials is a very good deal. It is typically .90 cents to a dollar per ounce. This is just as low as we have seen from Saratoga Farms, Thrive, and cheaper than Honeyville Grain.


The nutrition of the Provident Pantry corn is just what you would hope and expect. There are no preservatives or additives and the nutritional data is spot on with canned corn you buy from the store. I do like the fact that I am avoiding wet corn which when sitting in a #10 can will absorb small amounts of BPA into the food. A recent study showed that wet foods such as tuna and soup had higher levels of BPA due to the inner can lining. While the Provident Pantry can liner is similar, the food is dry so there is little to no transferring of BPA to the freeze-dried corn.

  • Great price
  • Great taste
  • Fast and easy snack
  • No preservatives or additives

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Click to check out the Provident Pantry Super Sweet Corn. That concludes our Provident Pantry Freeze Dried Super Sweet Corn Review versus the newer Rocky Mountain Reserves corn.

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