Pangea MRE Brownie Review

Let’s face, there is a lot of not so great tasting food storage and MRE items out there. By nature the things you have to do to make a food have a long shelf life can strip away some of the taste and texture of the normal counterpart you would buy at the store. Thankfully from time to time we have come across a food that will challenge the trend.

MRE brownies are a godsend. We first tried them a few years back but had to rotate the food items in our bug out bags this past weekend so we got a reminder of the soft and chewy treats and just had to write up a review for those that are wondering what they are like.


Soft, chewy, flavorful, and chocolaty are not words you would expect to see in an MRE review but they are truthful words when it comes to these tasty treats. Few MRE items have a soft and chewy texture but they do! What a welcome surprise after eating hard crackers and cookies when looking for something to indulge in.

Packed with lots of little chocolate chips these brownies are not your grandma’s classics but they are still very good even compared to the best ones out there.


Normal food blogs would rip these MRE brownies apart, but we are a preparedness website that knows calories and fat are great things to have in your storage for tough times. Packing a total of 370 calories in one serving you probably now understand why these are so good tasting. Along with 16 grams of fat (25% of your day’s allotment) they will help you going when your body needs it most.

Along with the colories and fat these MRE fudge brownies also have 4 grams of protein. Protein is great as it is needed by the body for the growth, maintenance and repair of cells. Protein is also a major component of muscles, tissues and organs and is vital for pretty much every process that happens within the body like metabolism, digestion and the movement/transportation of nutrients and oxygen in the blood stream.

Shelf Life

Like pretty much all MREs you will see out there you will be getting about a 5 year shelf life if you store them at 60 degrees or so. If you bump the temp up to 80 then you are looking at more like 2 years so it makes a big difference to get them in as cold as a place as possible (do not freeze through!).

Ease of Use

MREs continue to be #1 in convenience and MRE brownies are no different. Just like the main entrees, the brownies can be eaten cold straight from the pouch.  While most MREs benefit from being warmed up I wouldn’t recommend doing so with the brownies.


Ranging from 1.50 to 2.75 a piece these are not necessarily a great price but like my wife says you can’t put a price on happiness and these definitely bring joy to those that have been without luxuries during an outdoor adventure or emergency situation.

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