Mountain House Sale

[NOTE: This was a blog post specific to a special that was going on at the time and is no longer active, if you want to see who is selling Mountain House on sale at the moment head over to our Mountain House sale page.]

Rarely do we go out of our way to give our site visitors a heads up of a promotion. But this September long Mountain House sale is one for the ages and that isn’t just marketing speak. For those wanting to try the most popular brand of freeze-dried food or just add to what they have, the time is now.

For the month of September (National Preparedness Month) Oregon Freeze Dry, makers of Mountain House freeze-dried foods, is heavily discounting its #10 cans. We have already received emails from several companies that are offering 30 to 50% off Mountain House #10 cans.

Normally Mountain House offers promotions a couple times a year at 25% off. So the opportunity to save some more money is there by almost 2 fold.

Also, keep an eye out for the more discounted items as it seems the ones being sold online for 50% off are products that are 2 years old. During the Mountain House sale, they are blowing out some old product at even cheaper prices but make sure you read the description so you know what you’re getting. Those ones are not new production.

By the way, keep your eyes on our site. Over the coming month Kim will be doing reviews on Mountain House breakfast skillet, Sweet & Sour Pork with Rice, freeze-dried Ice Cream sandwiches, and a few more Mountain House items.

Here are a few of the places to buy deep discounted Mountain House (listed alphabetically):

– Emergency Essentials up to 50% off
– Mountain House – save 25%
– Nitro Pak – save up to 30-49% off
– Ready Store – up to 40% off Mountain House + save on Saratoga Farms

There are some other sites like Walmart and that are offering these products too but I would recommend the companies listed above. These preparedness companies are little guys (comparatively speaking) and they do more for preparedness through education and niche product offering than any superstore ever has or will.

Happy Mountain Sale everyone!

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