Did You Know? Tidbits About Daily Bread

One of the reoccurring features you will see at Top Food Storage Reviews is a Did You Know segment, a variety of factoids that are usually not well known amongst consumers in the emergency preparedness industry.

Today’s post is going to be about Daily Bread Food Storage, a newer food storage company that has been in business for a few years. Here are some of the details you may or may not have known:

– They are owned by Food For Health International, a company that helped create Wise Food Company (since splintered off) and Food Insurance, a company that sells direct to the public via the internet and advertises heavily with Glenn Beck and other conservative talk show hosts.

– Daily Bread , unlike it brother Food Insurance, sells only door to door. You cannot get pricing online or buy online. After calling or filling out a form on their site Daily Bread will call you back or send a person to your house to bring samples and close the deal.

– Food Insurance (Daily Bread’s sister company) has an big (and VERY expensive) advertising contract with Glenn Beck. They are by far the biggest spenders when it comes to traditional advertising buys in the industry.

– Lastly, Daily Bread is the only company to have a private label arrangement with Mountain House entrees (Oregon Freeze Dry). About half of their 18 entree meals are Mountain House products labeled with the Daily Bread brand. You can check for yourself by looking at their can labels versus the Mountain House cans below:

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