Best Time to Buy Food Storage

There is a best time to buy food storage and there are far worse times to buy food storage. In our years of preparing and buying these types of products there are some takeaways we have been able to notice that we wanted to share and pass along to others, mainly when is the best time to buy food storage and what are some of the worst times as well. As always feel free to chime in after and share your own thoughts.

Best Time to Buy Food Storage

Summer. Like most industries there are busy times and slow times. From having talked to business owners, employees, and friends involved in the emergency preparedness industry as well as simply watching promotions there is no doubt that summer is a great time to get the best deals on food storage. We have yet to talk to a friend in the industry (Shawn has made lots of connections, some good and some bad over time) that doesn’t agree with the ideas we’re sharing here. Summer is the dead time and to get orders companies often offer deep discounts to get people to act.

Worst Time to Buy Food Storage

While summer is a great time to buy food storage there are always exceptions. Right after a disaster is when you want to sit on the sideline. In March 2011 after the Japan Tsunami and nuclear reactor crisis (image to the left) occurred the food storage industry saw a spike like no other. Supply shriveled up like a 2 week old helium balloon.

Brands such as Mountain House were nearly impossible to find. Nitro-Pak advertised 6 month ship times, the Ready Store and Emergency Essentials (to name a few) were in a very similar boat.

Some other companies kept taking orders and payments and strung customers along for months promising shipments that they knew were not going out anytime soon – I won’t dish the dirt on one particularly bad case as the owners of this company have already pestered me for criticizing them on the site but…

… either way, when demand spikes, food storage discounts are reduced to a fraction or they go away altogether. Why spend close to full retail and wait a long time for your order when you can buy during the summer with deep discounts and have your order shipped in 1-2 days?

Some other good and bad times to stock on your food reserves:

Fall. Not going to go as far as saying it is a bad time but this is the time when things pick up the most. Whether it is hurricane season reminding people or Mother Nature’s power or the fact the weather is souring and vacations are ending there is something about the Fall that triggers one of the busiest times of the year. High demand = smaller discounting and longer ship times.

Black Friday and Holiday Shopping. This is often a pretty good time to buy. Food storage companies are like any other business that is fighting for your hard earned Holiday spending. Often, Cyber Monday and Black Friday offer the best one day sales you will see all year. Late December is typically a real slow time as people’s funds are spent for Christmas so this is often a good time to stock up.

March & April are usually big months in the industry. Many people get tax returns and make the prudent choice in using it on food storage and other self reliant choices. This time of the year sales are not as big so it maybe worth holding onto that return for a couple months and getting more for your dollar when summer comes.

Below is a breakdown by month of the best times to buy food storage and preparedness products.

Again, there might be other current events affecting the buying public so it isn’t a 100% guarantee but for your average year this is when you should buy.

January – Buy. The first slow down after the busiest time of the year (Fall). Early January can be especially good as companies pull out all the stops to get buyers.

February – Buy. Similar to January – see above.

March – Hold off. Again whether it is tax time or maybe the hope and optimism of an approaching Spring, this is typically a busy month. Discounts often are not as steep here.

April – Hold off. Similar to March, wait a month or two and save.

May – Mix. This is when things can start to slow down. Watch for deals and jump now if they are good, if not wait another month.

June & July – Absolutely buy. Both the slowest months of year from what I have been told and what I have heard from different manufacturers and resellers.

August & September – Mix. These months pick up and are often a couple of the busiest ones of the year, sometimes real good deals could be had as companies fight to get your dollar.

October & November – Mix. Again still the busy time of the year but good deals still could be had. Watch closely and take advantage of food storage Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

December – Mix. First half of the month is still busy time. Deals may be had but will definitely get better come the end of the month.

So what do you think? Feel that these are the best time to buy food storage or do you think we are off? Chime in below!

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