How to Store Weed Properly?

Getting the right weed storage container can preserve your favorite strains. Several options will fit your needs, whether you want to store them in your freezer or fridge. There are Mason jars, glass jars, and air-tight containers to choose from. Read more to learn more tips and tricks for proper storage.

How to Store Weed Properly (2)

How to Store Weed Properly?

So perhaps you want to bake some weed brownies with double chocolate or some cannabutter. However, the weed you have might be past its prime. It’s difficult to determine the best way to keep it fresh, so it’s unclear how good it is. Is storing cannabis flowers in a plastic bag the most ideal option? Consider using a Mason jar.

It’s crucial to clip a bag of pretzels or reseal an airtight bag of granola to keep it from going bad, and the best way to maintain the potency and quality of your cannabis products is to store them properly. Although cannabis buds don’t expire, improper storage could cause them to lose some of their potency and flavor.

Although consuming degraded or expired cannabis is not dangerous, you probably won’t experience any noticeable psychoactive effects. The proper way to store it is as follows:


Using a vacuum-seal weed bag is a great way to preserve marijuana buds. This method is also very safe. However, it does have its drawbacks.

One of the biggest drawbacks of vacuum sealing is that the bag will compress your marijuana nugs. This can decrease the potency of your weed.

If you’re buying your marijuana buds in bulk, you’ll probably want to store them in a container that can keep them fresh. The best way to do this is to keep them in a cool, dark place.

Some flower fans believe using a vacuum seal weed bag is the best way to store their buds. However, other users claim that vacuum-sealing weed is useless.

Glass Jars

Choosing the right jars to store your weed is crucial for keeping it fresh and potent. Glass is a great material to store weed in because it provides an airtight barrier and prevents moisture and oxygen from damaging the potency of the weed. You can protect your weed from light and odors depending on your chosen jar.

Many dispensaries and growers use glass jars to preserve cannabis. Glass can also be recycled. You can clean glass jars with sanitizer. They’re also dishwasher safe.

You might consider buying a glass mason jar if you’re looking for a long-term solution for storing weed. They’re made of clear glass, which allows you to see the buds’ shape and structure.

Mason Jars

Using glass jars to store your weed can keep it fresher and more potent for longer. A properly sealed jar can also help prevent odors from spreading and protect your weed from exposure to oxygen.

Some of the more popular containers are mason jars. These jars are airtight and come in a variety of sizes. They are also dishwasher safe. However, open the jar when ready to take your weed out.

Some people opt for ceramic containers instead. These are also good alternatives, as they’re heat resistant. However, the aluminum used in these containers will also affect the taste of your cannabis.

How to Store Cannabis?

You’ve probably heard these same instructions before for keeping vinegar, wine, and olive oil stored: cool, dark, and dry. Buds and other cannabis products fall under the same category. Avoid exposing them to light, heat, and humidity, which will shorten their shelf life.

Ensure that the temperature and humidity are consistent wherever you store these products because too much variation can impair the quality of the buds. According to Cannavine, a dispensary in California, “UV light can also break down the cannabinoids and terpenes in your bud, just like it can fade the color of your favorite shirt or give you a sunburn.” Cannabis will develop mold if the humidity level is too high (it is a plant, after all). Cannabis should not be kept in the freezer or refrigerator; rather, it should be hidden in a cabinet or drawer away from other foods.

After discussing location, let’s discuss storage type now. It is desirable to use airtight jars or bags of any kind; extra points are awarded if they can be vacuum sealed. “One of the nicest things you can utilize is a glass jar. Leaving too much room in the jar is one of the individuals’ most typical errors when storing marijuana. According to Raw Garden’s head of products, Khalid Al-Naser, the ideal space between the lid and the product is very small.

A tightly fitting It is best to choose a ball mason jar that is colored amber because it will block out light and moisture. According to Veriheal, a healthcare technology company working to increase access to medicinal cannabis, certain metals like aluminum may change the flavor of marijuana if it’s stored for an extended period.

In contrast, neutral metals like titanium or food-safe stainless steel shouldn’t alter or degrade the flavor of marijuana. Al-Naser continues, “Some varieties of low-grade aluminum over time may leave a less preferable taste. Similarly, throw away the Altoids tin because it is made of a flimsy metal and doesn’t have a watertight seal.

Al-Naser continues by saying that if you use a Ball Mason jar, you can store the marijuana close to other foods without worrying that your cereal will taste like weed. On the other hand, a plastic Ziploc bag won’t hold in the aroma as effectively and can harm the flavor of, for example, a loaf of bread. As a result, some of your brunch visitors could suspect that you’re serving THC-infused French toast for breakfast.

Although it should go without saying, we’ll mention it anyway: keep cannabis products out of the reach of children and animals.

How to Store Cannabis Flowers?

Although several specialized storage options are available, you don’t need anything fancy to preserve your stockpile adequately.

Glass is frequently regarded as preferable to plastic or metal in marijuana preservation. According to Webb, plastic generates a static charge that causes the plant to break apart and lose its trichomes, or the crystal-like tips of the flower that contain a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, and that can affect the taste and aroma of your flower.

An airtight glass container is your best option for the finest long-term outcomes; you can get a UV-proof glass container. However, Mason jars will work for most individuals; all you need to do is keep the jar out of direct sunlight and in a cold, dry location.

In addition, check to see that your hoard fits securely inside the container. By cramming the jar as firmly as possible, you’ll reduce the chance that oxygen will be trapped within and harm the humidity and quality.

What is the Best Way to Store Marijuana?

How to properly store and maintain the freshness of marijuana becomes much more obvious once you are aware of all the factors previously discussed. The three worst places to keep your buds are a plastic sandwich bag, a clear glass jar, or another large glass container. These places are all exposed to oxygen and light.

The best moisture content for your flower is packaged by cultivators, who typically use opaque packaging to block out light. To help preserve freshness, some businesses have even added nitrogen in place of oxygen in their packaged flowers. You may be curious as to why some dispensaries still use clear containers. Old habits do indeed die hard, to put it briefly. When deciding what to buy, many people still find it important to inspect and smell the item before making their choice.

It is advisable to purchase smaller amounts of pre-packaged cannabis for those less concerned with inspecting and smelling the product before purchasing it.

The bottom line is to keep cannabis in an airtight container with as little air inside as possible in a cool, dark location.

Extending the Shelf Life of Weed

When stored properly, weed can maintain freshness for up to 2 years. But even if you don’t intend on preserving your cannabis for that long, knowing how to store weed properly will help you get the most out of your cannabis experience. Ultimately, the key to extending marijuana shelf life is limiting exposure to the elements. When it’s time to open your container, pull out your flower and immediately close your package. Don’t let it sit open, and avoid windy or highly ventilated areas.

To maintain the right moisture level, use a salt-based control sachet — also known as a humidity pack — to maintain the ideal relative humidity levels.

Additionally, you can store your marijuana in a cannabis humidor box designed to maintain the humidity of marijuana. There are currently several models available on the market.

Whatever you do, be sure you don’t use a cigar or tobacco humidor to store your weed. Cigar humidors are typically lined with cedar wood. The oils in the wood help enhance the taste of cigars, but those same oils tend to harm cannabis. Similarly, humidors for cigars often use sponges or propylene glycol to create humidity levels that are ideal for tobacco but much too high for cannabis.

In the past, to remedy dry weed, people would add an orange peel to their bags to keep the moisture content, but this greatly increases the likelihood that mold would be introduced. In addition, the water activity of orange peels is unknown, and the peel’s aroma could alter the flavor and aroma of your marijuana.

Bottom line: Use the same humidity packs, such as Boveda packs, to reintroduce moisture if it is too dehydrated. This will not reintroduce lost terpenes, but it will ensure that you don’t have a harsh smoking experience.


The priceless trichomes on your marijuana buds won’t stay forever, much like practically everything else. Heat, light, and moisture exposure cause molecular structural changes over time.

Extreme temperatures, an excessive amount of moisture, air, or UV radiation can cause chemical changes in cannabinoids and terpenes that reduce the effectiveness of the flower. The taste and texture may also be impacted by these elements. Preserve an eye on the harvest date on the box and take care to prevent exposure to the factors mentioned above if you want to keep your weed in prime condition for as long as possible.