How to Store Cannabis Seeds?

Your preferred cannabis genetics can be kept safe for years by properly storing cannabis seeds. The best portion of your cannabis seed collection can be kept alive for ten years or longer under the right circumstances. But if the conditions aren’t right, your favorite feminized and auto-flower seeds won’t germinate either. Learning about long-term seed storage makes sense if you are a cannabis seed specialist who invests time, money, and love into amassing a collection of the best cannabis genetics.

How to Properly Store Cannabis Seeds: 6 Effective Methods

Glass Containers

Seeds should be stored in an airtight container at a cool but not freezing temperature. Keeping the seeds at this temperature will slow the germination process and prolong the shelf life. You can also store your seeds in a refrigerator for longer periods. However, avoid any temperature fluctuations as they can ruin the seeds.

When storing cannabis seeds, it’s important to remember that plastic and metal containers are not airtight and may not protect your seeds from fluctuations in temperature and light. Instead, use glass containers that are airtight and reusable. A ‘lightning closure’ glass jar is ideal for this purpose. It’s also easily accessible and will maintain a constant environment for the seeds.

Envelopes Made of Paper

You can keep Cannabis seeds in envelopes if you only need them for a short period. A regular mailing envelope can be used. However, to shield the seeds from light, make sure the envelope is thick.

To keep the seeds dormant and prevent them from sprouting, put them in a dark spot where there is no light, which is an agent of germination. You can also label the envelope with the strain’s name, the storage date, and the number of days the seeds will be stored.

Sprinkle rice grains or acquire a desiccant pack to regulate humidity if you want to ensure your seeds are extremely safe in the envelope. It would be best if you kept the envelope indoors to prevent it from being damaged by inclement weather.

Plastic Bags

Mylar bags can be used to keep your seeds for a very long time if you don’t want to use a glass. Your seeds are safe since the bags are resistant to extreme temperatures. To ensure the seeds are in the right humidity and no light can enter the bags, you should ensure they are thick and get a desiccant pack.

Cannabis seeds can be stored in plastic bags or zip-lock bags. These containers should be kept in a cool, dark place away from light and moisture. Although cheap and easily available, they should only be used for short-term storage. It would help if you also remembered that some plastics could degrade over time, which could cause damage to your cannabis seeds. For this reason, glass containers are usually the better option.

Marijuana seeds can take up to one week to germinate. It may take a few days longer if the environmental conditions are unfavorable. However, if you store them properly and keep them in a refrigerator, they are more likely to germinate. Seeds can also fail to germinate due to many different factors. In some cases, problems at the seed bank might have caused the seeds to be infertile.

Bags with Vacuum Seals

Many seeds can be stored in vacuum-sealed containers. You can also keep your cannabis seeds in vacuum-sealed pouches as an alternative. They are fully airtight, protecting the seeds from any oxygen interaction.

The vacuum-sealed bag can be used independently or in a tiny container—your seeds will dorm for the required time using either approach, which is efficient.


Your seeds will last a very long time in the refrigerator. You must, however, take precautions to prevent seed deterioration in your refrigerator. It would be best to place your seeds in plastic bags resistant to cool temperatures before storing them in the refrigerator.

Notably, consumers must ensure no light can enter their refrigerator, which could injure the seeds.

Storage Container

Your cannabis seeds can be temporarily kept in a storage container with an airtight lid. All of your seeds can fit in a range of pot sizes. Additionally, you may label the pots with the names of your strains to make it simple to tell them apart.

To prevent heat from damaging your seeds, you should preferably store the storage pot in a cool location. The pot shouldn’t allow any air inside because doing so would prevent the seeds from going Dorman. Cotton and a desiccant pack are other options for humidity protection for seeds.

Dos & Don’ts of Proper Cannabis Seed Storage

When storing cannabis seeds, the first and most important thing is to store them in a cool and dry location. The ideal place is inside a refrigerator. However, ensure the refrigerator is closed, and the door is not open. If you can, use a separate refrigerator for your cannabis seeds.

Store your seeds in a glass jar. These containers are airtight and heat-proof. It is not a good idea to store them in plastic containers as they are not air-tight and offer little protection from U.V. rays and water molecules. Glass containers are ideal for short- and long-term storage. Remember to cover the container to prevent light from damaging the seeds.

Cannabis seeds are best stored in dark, dry areas. Light can degrade their structure and function, resulting in a lower germination rate and useless seeds. To avoid this problem, marijuana growers should take some time to study plant growth. In winter, cannabis plants go dormant, while in spring, new growth begins. By imitating these conditions, marijuana seeds will be more likely to germinate.

Important Things to Consider When Keeping Cannabis Seeds

There are three basic problems with cannabis seed storage that will lower the germination rates (or “viability”) of your cannabis seeds. These are heat, humidity, and light. Each of these elements will lower the germination rates of your feminized or auto-flowering seeds. On the other hand, you can increase the lifespan of your cannabis seed collection if you can minimize and properly control heat, light, and humidity.

Ideal Humidity Level for Cannabis Seed Storage

When storing cannabis seeds, the ideal humidity level is between 20 and 30 percent. This is the recommended range for short-term storage and longer-term storage. In addition, you should avoid sudden temperature fluctuations, which can destroy seeds. If possible, store your seeds in a cool, dark place, away from heat or direct sunlight.

For long-term storage, marijuana seeds should be kept in the dark cupboard or refrigerator. It is best to store them in vacuum-sealed containers. In the fridge, keep them at a temperature about 15 degrees lower than the seeds’ germination temperature. But, if you cannot find the right temperature for your cannabis seeds, store them in the freezer instead. Freezing cannabis seeds can damage embryos, so keep them away from high temperatures.

It is also recommended that you monitor the relative humidity when growing cannabis. Many beginner growers do not pay attention to the percentage of relative humidity (% R.H.). However, experienced growers understand the dangers of high humidity levels and adjust their growing conditions accordingly. For example, they avoid planting cannabis seeds during the hottest months of the year and invest in a grow room dehumidifier. Achieving the ideal humidity level will boost the chances of pushing cannabis seeds to their genetic potential.

How Long May Cannabis Seeds Stored?

You can keep cannabis seeds for decades in the freezer. Even after five or more years in the refrigerator, you should see good germination rates (at least 50%). Germination rates begin to decline earlier and more quickly when refrigerators are unused.

You might not need to worry too much about how to preserve cannabis seeds if you typically germinate them within a few weeks or months of purchasing.

Germination rates for cannabis seeds from seed suppliers should be 90% or higher if you get them from a reputable source. The bulk of your cannabis seeds should still germinate even after five years in the refrigerator.

This is wonderful news for gardeners who have discovered the perfect cannabis seeds for their requirements and want to guarantee a viable seed collection of their preferred cannabis strains for many years.

Do you Need to Freeze Cannabis Seeds?

Yes, you may keep cannabis seeds in the freezer. The slower they decelerate, the lower the temperature. However, freezing your seeds is typically not necessary. If you follow the guidelines we described above, you should be able to store your seeds for up to five years while still seeing a high germination rate.

Note on Insects and Pests

Imagine spending over $100 on seeds, taking the time to store them, only to discover that pests ruined them. Unfortunately, all it takes for all of your seeds to be destroyed is one insect in a container. However, this is the method you should use for long-term storage! The first thing to remember is to stay away from extremely low humidity levels.

Spreading diatomaceous earth (D.E.) where you keep them is one method. This particular sand has a substrate made of fossilized algae. Most importantly for our needs, it works great as a natural insecticide. Unfortunately, if you intend to keep your seeds in a refrigerator with other foods, you shouldn’t use D.E.

Keeping your seed stockpiles as high from the ground as possible would be beneficial. This lessens the chance that a pest like a mouse may enter and chow down on the seeds.

In filthy storage spaces, vermin and insects also flourish. You must therefore make sure the storage room is kept tidy. If you don’t, microorganisms will grow and harm your seeds, in addition to luring bugs to them. Will you eat marijuana grown from tainted seeds?


You can utilize any of the methods above to store your seeds to reap the rewards of cannabis cultivation in the future. There won’t be much storage issue if you don’t want to keep your feminized cannabis seeds for a long time and use them immediately. However, it is still preferable to store them out of direct sunlight. If the temperature and humidity are suitable, a dark closet will suffice in that situation.

However, you must ensure that variables like heat, light, and humidity do not harm your seedlings. You can look at more techniques for preserving your seeds. Experts in cannabis gardening can also assist you in determining the best approach to store the desired strain.