Daily Bread Food Storage Review

[UPDATE: We will be rewriting a lot of this review due to some changes in the past 6 months with their business. A recent purchase of Daily Bread and Food Insurance by Freeze Dry Foods, one of the country’s 2 freeze driers, has led to some serious changes in their business model. Look for an update soon!]

Most reviews compare apples to apples, sometimes apples to oranges. This Daily Bread Food Storage review is one of the latter. Daily Bread is FAR from your typical food storage brand. They sell in a different way than any other (door to door) and avoid publishing their prices online so sales reps that visit your home can try and sell it for as much as they can to help create a bigger profit for them and the company.

Aside from the differences, Daily Bread still sells long term food storage. Their food comes in #10 cans and until recently it was ONLY just add water meals. No sides, no freeze-dried fruits, no dehydrated veggies. We will get into more detail later on in the Daily Bread review as to the new changes they have been making over the past several months.

Created in 2005, Daily Bread quickly entered into the minds of consumers around the country by doing what many food storage companies don’t; purchase expensive TV spots in select markets. The risky move payed off, quickly bringing them into the equation after just a few years in business.


Normally when we review a company their service is graded on how they are on the phone or communicate via chat and emails. Not so with Daily Bread food storage, they prefer to help you in your own home! For those that live in an area where Daily Bread has sales reps, you will talk with a representative in person more often than not. From our experience they try to avoid avoid long conversations over phone or email, instead hoping they can into your home.

Last summer we met face to face with a summer salesman from Daily Bread. It all started by filling out their free food sample request on their home page.  Nine days later a young man was at our door. The meeting started off a little awkward as we realized that the sample we asked for wasn’t coming in the mail but being hand delivered. Julie and I do NOT like door to door sales people (yes we are one of those neighbors with the NO SOLICITING signs in our entryway).

Nonetheless we invited him in for the sales pitch. The information he shared was typical of someone teaching the benefits of preparedness and long term storage. The sales rep balked several times when asked for pricing, choosing to finish the lengthy sales pitch before showing what ended up being some very over the top pricing. Being familiar with the industry I could see a bad deal pretty quick and this sure was over priced.


As mentioned at the conclusion of the last section, pricing is not Daily Bread food storage’s strong point. I get the feeling they are looking for people that just don’t know better and are less likely to get online to research products and prices. On average Daily Bread and Food Insurance sells kits that have 67-75% less total calories than their competitor’s kits but at a similar price point.

TIP: Go to FoodInsurance.com to see Daily Bread’s baseline pricing. This website is Daily Bread Food Storage’s online sales channel. The products they sell there are identical to the ones they will try to sell in person under the name of Daily Bread. Knowing this will allow you get the sales rep to offer this pricing at the very least. Not knowing this will likely result in their sales rep trying to charge EVEN more than then what you see on the Food Insurance website.

When visiting the Food Insurance site you will notice their kits are advertised by servings per day and not by calories per day. This is a deceptive tactic that Wise Food Storage also uses as we’ve covered in our Wise Food Storage review.


As we stated at the beginning of our Daily Bread food storage review,  they are far from typical in what they offer and how they do it. Daily Bread has a small selection of items, 43 to be exact. Up until recently they only sold just add water meals. In the past several months they have started to add freeze-dried meat, fruits, and vegetables mixed amongst various drink mixes. All of these items are packaged in #10 cans. No pouch or bucket options, just the traditional #10 can.


Aside from food storage, Daily Bread has started to carry emergency items but the total number of those products at the time of this review is 7. A far cry from the 900 items found on sites like Emergency Essentials, Nitro-Pak, and the Ready Store.

One oddity you will notice is their 72-hour kits are branded with the Food Insurance logo. This is one of many signs that show Daily Bread and Food Insurance are the same company. Maybe they will pool their resources one day and open up the product floodgate as there really are too few products to pick from.


While Daily Bread food storage only carriers a small selection of items, the product quality is great. Daily Bread has the exclusive agreement with Oregon Freeze Dry (makers of Mountain House) to re-label its products and sell them under their own brand.

To see this, click on the graphic to the right and check out the Daily Bread and Mountain House Chicken A La King labels. As you will notice they are identical.

About 50% of the just add water meals from Daily Bread are repackaged Mountain House meals. The other 50% come from elsewhere and while good tasting they are nowhere as good as the Mountain House meals.

These meals are a mix of freeze-dried & dehydrated components, which still happen to taste better than anything you would find from Wise Foods or Food for Health International, since health measures are important when preparing food and having the right certification for this is essential and is provided by sites as https://probeit.ca/product/food-handler-course-and-exam/ . So in other words feel confident you will like the food if you end up buying it.


The Daily Bread website is very easy to navigate. It has a super clean interface. You will find a products tab that houses the companies 43 items they sell.

[Home Page]

It was very apparent early on in our Daily Bread Food Storage Review that the rest of the site spends its efforts compelling you to set up a time someone can come to your house to talk to you. There are celebrity endorsements from basketball players to conservative talk show radio personalities. The endorsements (paid for) Florida food stamps aims at convincing you they are worth a listen to.

 [Celebrity Endorsements]

Other than that, the Daily Bread site has very little information about preparedness. There is a Frequently Asked Questions section that deals with questions on orders, products, and other details but that is about it.


Just like Daily Bread lacks in the product selection department, they also lack in the information and resourcefulness department. The don’t have a blog or resource center. There is a little community interaction on their Facebook page. Some competitor Facebook pages are engaging and  informative dialogues ensue. Not so much here.

We would’ve preferred some insightful resources to learn from. Generally speaking, when companies go out of their way to contribute to my families preparedness knowledge our trust is earned and we have an over better view of the company and what it stands for.


As you can see Daily Bread Food Storage has a long way to go if they want to be more than they are now. It’s important to note that if we were grading them on just their products alone they would’ve probably scored a lot higher but we are holding them to the same level as Emergency Essentials, Ready Stores, Thrive (formerly Shelf Reliance) of the world and right now they are far from grabbing our family’s attention away from the biggest players in the food storage industry.

So those are reasons they scored so badly in our Daily Bread Food Storage Review. Tell us what you think? Have you ordered from them? Will you? Why or why not?

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