Nokero N200 Video Review

[UPDATE: This product is no longer manufactured and has been discontinued. The N233 is an updated version of the same light which can be purchased at Amazon here for those interested. We will leave up this review below for anyone that is interested in learning more about this previous model].

The Nokero N200 solar light is a part solar light, part light bulb. Ok 1/2 of that statement it true, the Nokero Solar Powered Light Bulb though is a pretty nifty solar flashlight that just happens to look like a light bulb when you cross your eyes or have had one too many drinks. Similar to how people take the assistance of top solar energy installation companies like Baker Home Energy to light up their homes using renewable energy, this product does the same but on a smaller scale.

Goofy gimmicks aside the N200 is a pretty versatile light that might be worth a look at when building up your emergency light supplies. Originally targeted to 3rd world countries looking for economic lighting solutions free of infrastructure, Nokero was born. Their aim was to get into parts of the world where kerosene, a less safe and healthy alternative, is used for a wide variety of things. That is where they came up with their brand Nokero which is short for “no kerosene”.

With the claim of the world’s most economical solar light, the N100 retails for $20 and via its 4 LED bulbs it casts up to 13.5 lumens into the darkness. Sitting alongside the LEDs is the AA battery compartment. The batteries can be swapped out after its 1.5 year life has passed. Claimed battery life is 1.9 hours on the hi setting and 6.6 hours on the low (5 lumen) setting. Renew Energy works wonders.

The last claim from Nokero is that the N200 can withstand rain, but is not waterproof and cannot be submerged. While we didn’t subject it to wet circumstances I can attest to the fact that it is a tough and well built light. My 1 and 4 year old kids have been playing with it for about 3 weeks now and it keeps on ticking. We have a lot of hard surfaces throughout the house and the light has met them on several occasions.

As for lighting performance I thought it did a pretty good job. The flood beam pattern lit up a room pretty well. The swiveling base made it easy to point in the direction you wanted it. Also this allowed for easy positioning of the solar panel when it is charging during the day. Aside from the power the performance we pretty close to that of the manufacturer’s claim. We got 1 hour and 45 minutes out of it on high. We didn’t test the low setting but we have no reason to believe it wouldn’t last to the 6 hour mark.

Aside from durability, brightness, and flexibility the Nokero N200 did have some shortcomings, notably the inability to hold a charge for a long time. I found that if I charged it really good for one day that if I moved it indoors and left it alone for a day that it didn’t work the following day (24 hours after end of charge time). This means you are going to have to keep this in the sun at all times during the day if you want to use it when the sun goes down.

Another knock on the N200 was the price of $20. They manufacturer claims it is the world’s most economical solar light but I have to disagree there. There are so many different solar tactical flashlight for less money. While the N200 can be found for as low as $15 online it still didn’t seem like the value of some others like the Hybrid Light Solar Flashlight which is the same price and is 40 lumens and can hold a charge for 3 years!

Needless to say there were some neat things about the N200 solar light, it had a wide variety of mounting flexibility, it was built tough, and it had a replaceable battery, all good features that may make the Noker N200 the right emergency solar lighting for you.

  • Flexible mounting options for lighting and charging
  • Tough durability, took a lot of abuse – including drops to hard surfaces
  • Replaceable battery, don’t have to throw the light away when it no longer works
  • Price, at $15-20 there are brighter and longer lasting lights available
  • Charge, didn’t hold a charge for a very long time

That concludes out Nokero N200 review, go over to see our Video review here!

The N233 is an updated version of the same light which can be purchased at Amazon here for those interested.

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