Mountain House Sales and Coupons

Mountain House freeze dried meals are the benchmark for emergency food storage and people often want to find when Mountain House products are on sale. The company makes the best tasting meals but their meals are definitely some of the more expensive ones out there so anytime you can save big on Mountain House – you do it!

Mountain House distributes their products through retailers like the companies we have reviewed here on our site. For most of the year these companies have to adhere to a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) system so they all have the same Mountain House products for the same price BUT each of these companies do get to have a limited number of sales each year where they can discount the items as much as 25% and sometimes as high as 35-40% though that has only happened twice in the 4 years I’ve been watching their discounts.

Below we will make a list of a variety of trusted re-sellers of Mountain House freeze dried foods along with up-to-date details as to who has Mountain House products on sale and who doesn’t. If you are getting ready to place an order of Mountain House, you need to bookmark this page and come back often as your favorite company might be 25% more expensive than another company that is happening to have a Mountain House sale! I’m all about being loyal to my favorite companies but a 25% off price can sway me more times than not!

Mountain House Re-sellers – listed alphabetically

Camping Survival – Through the 14th #10 cans are on discount up to 25%, visit their Mountain House sale category for more details.

Emergency Essentials – Right now there is up to 40% off Mountain House Sale which consists of  cans and a few pouches. Seafood Chowder, one of our favorites here that is back for a temporary time.

Nitro Pak – National Preparedness month is over so Nitro Pak is no longer having a Mountain House 25% off sale. They have a few items at a couple dollars off but nothing to get overly excited about.

Ready Store – VIP customers received a promotion of 25% off Mountain House #10 cans today, you won’t see these prices online but if you call your Ready Expert you can get them now.

– [UPDATED 2/10/2015] – 

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