How to Store Garlic Scapes?

Scapes are seasonal vegetables with a mild garlic flavor that goes well with various dishes. You can organize scapes according to how you intend to use them. If you’ve ever wondered how to store garlic scapes, this article is for you! It will teach you how to freeze, dehydrate, grill, and can. It will also answer the question, “how long should I keep garlic scapes?”

Garlic Scapes

The flower stalks of the garlic plant are known as scapes. They are taken out, so the bulbs have the resources they need to develop into huge bulbs. They impart a garlic flavor to recipes that are milder than the flavor the bulb imparts. A faint herbal touch accompanies the garlic flavor of the scapes. If you keep garlic scapes properly, their distinct flavor can be maintained all year. The finest methods for preserving the flavor of garlic scapes are listed here.

What are Garlic Scapes?

Garlic scapes are the garlic plant’s flower buds. In late June, the bud is removed to encourage the bulbs to thicken. Scapes are a beautiful addition to a flower bouquet and delicious to eat! Scapes have a garlic-like flavor. They and they used in any recipe in the same way that garlic is.

Garlic scapes, also known as garlic stems, stalks, shoots, or spears, are flower stalks produced by hard-neck garlic plants before the bulbs mature.

A flower stalk appears about three weeks before the garlic bulb is ready for harvesting. The stalk grows upward for a few inches before curling once or twice and continuing to grow upward.

By removing this stalk, or garlic scape, the plant can focus its energy on growing a larger garlic bulb. The garlic scape is edible, with a lovely, mild garlic flavor and a touch of sweetness.

How to Store Garlic Scapes?

Do you want to know how to store garlic scapes so you can enjoy them all year? If you have too many to use immediately, you can freeze them! Garlic scapes will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks, but freezing them will keep them fresh for a year or more.

Here’s how to freeze garlic scapes so you can enjoy them whenever possible!

In the Refrigerator

Garlic scapes can be kept in the refrigerator with other herbs. Arrange the chopped stems vertically in a glass of water, and consider them comparable to cut flowers. This method allows garlic scapes to survive for two to three weeks. Remember to replace the water regularly; it’s ideal to do so daily. Another choice is to place them in a plastic bag after wrapping them in wet paper towels. The paper towels can remain useable for roughly a week, thanks to the moisture they contain.

In the Freezer

Garlic scapes can withstand cold because of their hardiness. Additionally, this technique allows you to preserve them for much longer. Garlic scapes should be well washed before being cut into lengths of 1/4 inch. Please put them in a strainer and blanch them for 30 seconds by submerging them in hot water.

When freezing vegetables, it is customary to blanch them first, especially those with a firm texture that won’t end up soggy or wilted. The boiling water destroys any bacteria on the food item that could lead to a foodborne illness.

To keep the scapes cooking after blanching, plunge them into freezing water. They should spend about an hour in the freezer after being spread out on a baking sheet. The scapes will freeze independently on the cookie sheet rather than clumping together as a solid mass, allowing you to defrost just a few rather than all of them. After that, you freeze all of your scapes in freezer bags. When kept in this manner, they can last for up to a year.


Among the green vegetables that are suitable for pickling are garlic scapes. While garlic scapes are tasty on their own, they also have a sharp, acidic tang when they are pickled. The first step in the rather straightforward pickling procedure is to chop and blanch the garlic scapes, exactly as you would if you were freezing them. Please put them in a container with a solution of vinegar, water, and salt. Before using them, keep your pickled garlic scapes in a cold area for about six weeks. This method of storage extends the life of garlic scapes to six months.


Garlic scapes can be preserved by eliminating most of their water content. Shake off any extra water after washing them. Place the scapes in the food processor and pulse until very finely chopped. You need to chop up the garlic scapes; you don’t want to purée them. On the lowest setting, spread them out in thin layers on the trays of your food dehydrator and let them dry. It should take them roughly six hours to completely dehydrate.

Garlic scapes that have been dehydrated can be used whole or ground into a powder that will add a delicate, garlicky, herbaceous flavor to your recipes. When kept in an airtight container, dehydrated garlic scapes can be kept for months in your spice cupboard or years in the freezer.

Using Garlic Scapes

Scapes from garlic plants can be used in recipes like garlic, which are quite adaptable. Try them roasted, pickled, in a sauté, in soups, and in other dishes. The buds and stem’s tenderest tops are wonderful cut-up uncooked.

Whole scapes can be roasted or grilled, serving as a side dish for garlic enthusiasts. To do this, spread the scapes out on a baking sheet that has been oiled and roast them at 350 degrees for approximately twenty minutes, or coat the scapes in olive oil, season with salt, and place them on a medium-hot grill. Turn them over occasionally until they start turning a light brown in spots. Enjoy!

Health Benefits

Like most other allium family members, garlic scapes have numerous health benefits. Certain compounds found in garlic and garlic scapes may aid in blood reoxygenation and maintaining healthy tissue and organs. Garlic scapes also contain a compound that inhibits certain enzymes that break down bone tissue, protecting against osteoarthritis. Furthermore, garlic scapes are highly antioxidants, have anti-cancer properties, and protect against oxidative stress, which can cause liver and kidney damage.

Can You Grill Garlic Scapes?

If you have a grill, you might wonder if you can grill garlic scapes. This food is very adaptable. While the interior is delicate and supple, the exterior is crunchy. They have a faint garlic flavor when grilled that is comparable to asparagus. They should be thoroughly washed and rubbed with olive oil to get them ready for the grill. You can even use cooking spray on them if you’d like.

The scape has a milder flavor than the bulb of garlic, despite not being as strong. Garlic scapes can be added to sauces and pestos and are edible. Like scallions, you can grill them as well, and they also work well for preparing garlic vinaigrettes.

How to Cut Garlic Scapes?

It’s easy to chop garlic scapes if you’re wondering how to do it. Just be patient until the scape’s main stalk rises above the plant and begins to curl. After that, trim the stem as low as possible without removing any leaves, as the plant will need them to survive the winter.

Can You Freeze Garlic Scapes?

Garlic scapes can be frozen in several ways. To begin with, cut them up, and the scapes can be thinly chopped with a sharp knife. The scapes should then be placed flat in plastic containers and sealed. You can break them off when you need them after freezing. Depending on the storage method, these scapes should remain edible for up to 6 months. They can be used in soups or stir-fries after being frozen.

The scapes can also be frozen intact. They don’t require blanching, so they cook without losing flavor. Just be sure to dispose of them whenever they start to wilt or change color. You’ll avoid getting bacteria in your scapes this way. If properly frozen, they can last up to a year. You can use them right or put them in a jar and utilize them later.

How Long do Freshly Cut Garlic Scapes Last?

Approximately 20 days after the day on which the majority of the scapes are cut, the bulbs will be ready to be dug up, give or take a few days, due to the influence of varying environmental conditions. The majority of fully mature garlic plants contain 7 to 9 leaves.

Can You Canned Garlic Scapes?

Garlic scapes can be canned in addition to pickled. Pickles can enhance food flavor more effectively when they are canned. However, cold-packing pickles do not have the same effect. They can, however, make a delectable addition to salads. How to can garlic scapes is shown here. Here’s how to keep this nutrient-dense veggies fresh. You can sprinkle a little salt into each batch of brine.

Get the brine ready. Boil 5 cups of water and 1/2 cup of cider vinegar to make the brine. Pour the brine over the scapes in the jars after it comes to a boil, allowing 1/2 inch of headspace. Place the scapes in tall pint-sized or pint-sized mason jars. Bring to a boil a mixture of water, cider vinegar, and salt in a pot. To incorporate the salt, stir. The jars should be processed in a boiling-water canner for 10 minutes, then three to four weeks should pass before eating. Garlic scapes, when properly prepared, can be kept for up to a year.


Any recipe you want to season with a little garlic flavor will benefit greatly from adding garlic scapes. For year-round enjoyment, garlic scapes can also be pickled and stored in shelf-stable jars. The stems are wonderful as a snack, sandwich topping, or side dish with grilled meats since they maintain their crisp texture.

You can prepare garlic scapes in various ways since it has an asparagus-like texture; roasting, grilling and sautéing work well. It can be used in any savory recipe that asks for garlic and has a mild garlicky flavor. In the refrigerator, fresh garlic scapes keep well for a long time. Thoroughly rinse, allow air dry, and then put in a glass of water or keep in the refrigerator’s crisper drawer in an airtight container. They’ll remain tasty for a few weeks.