How to Reheat Hot Dogs in a Microwave?

There are many methods for reheating hot dogs, but one method stands out above all others: the microwave. Whether you want your hot dog to be hot and fresh, the microwave can quickly reheat it. You can even use an Air fryer to quickly reheat hot dogs. If you reheat hot dogs using the microwave, you’ll want to read the following tips for safety. These tips are based on real-world experiences and may not work for every hot dog.

Hot Dog

How to Reheat Hot Dogs in a Microwave?

On a platter covered with paper towels, place the hot dog. Paper towels simplify cleanup by soaking up grease and liquid that escapes from the hot dog during cooking. If you’re frying more than one hot dog, arrange them in a row on the towel with some space between them. They can cook more evenly as a result.

Use a plate that is safe for the microwave. Glass or ceramic plates are a good bet. Metal and plastic plates ought to be avoided. For a thorough list of microwave-safe containers, click here.

The hot dog(s) may be pierced a few times if desired. According to conventional microwave cooking wisdom, hot dogs should be sliced or pierced several times with a sharp object before cooking. As a result, the hot dog’s internal steam may escape rather than piling up and blowing out. However, according to some sources (such as Oscar Mayer), there is little risk of an explosion, and piercing the hot dogs will only cause the liquids to leak out while they cook, leaving you with a dry frank.

You may go either way if you’re only heating one or two hot dogs in the microwave because they’ll be there for such a brief period.

Wrap in a different towel (or roll the first towel up). The second layer of paper towel placed over the hot dogs keeps moisture adjacent to them as they cook, resulting in a hot dog that is plump and juicy.

To prevent the towel from unraveling during cooking, tuck the ends under if you roll up your hot dog.

VERY HIGH HEAT. Cooking durations can vary slightly since different microwaves use varying amounts of power. The cooking times listed below are based on a typical, 800- to 1,000-watt microwave. Use a microwave with a higher wattage if you want to cook things faster (and vice versa for lower wattage units).

  • 40 seconds for 1 hot dog.
  • 1 to 2 minutes and 15 seconds for 2 hotdogs
  • 3 to 4 hotdogs: Approximately 1 to 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • 3 to 3 minutes 30 seconds for 5 to 6 hotdogs.
  • 4 to 5 minutes for 7-8 hotdogs.
  • Nine to ten hotdogs: six minutes.

When your hot dogs are halfway done cooking, check on them. Given the variability in microwave cooking power, it is advisable to check on your hotdogs halfway through cooking. Allow them to finish cooking if they’re still cold or perhaps just lukewarm. Consider reducing the cooking time if they are warm or hot to the touch, or just remove them from the microwave right away.

Carefully remove the paper towel to avoid releasing any contained steam. If you are concerned about burns, use oven mitts.

Serve warm. Your hot dogs are prepared for consumption once they reach the desired level of heat. There is no “correct” temperature to cook them at since they have already been cooked. Serve the hot dogs between buns or on their own after carefully removing the heated plate from the microwave and throwing away the paper towel. Enjoy!

What are the Tips for Reheating Hot dogs in the Microwave?

Hotdogs can be easily and quickly prepared in the microwave rather than on the grill. When microwaving hotdogs, there is more to it than just pressing a button to prevent burning, drying out, and exploding.

Here is some crucial microwave cooking advice for hotdogs:

  • Then microwave them on high heat while swaddling them in a paper towel. To ensure that all of the liquids and steam are kept inside for a juicy, plump, and delectable hotdog, wrap them in a moist paper towel.
  • If you microwave something for longer than 30 seconds at a time, it could burst, burn, or even harden.
  • To make sure they cook equally, rotate and switch to the other side.
  • Before placing the hotdogs in the microwave, pierce the casing with a fork or knife tip. This allows the juices to flow and prevents an explosion by releasing any trapped steam.
  • To keep the hot dog moist and soft, wrap it in a wet paper towel.
  • To trap the steam and keep them juicy, cover the dish with a microwave cover or microwave-safe plastic wrap if a paper towel is not readily available.

Is Microwave Cooking of Hot Dogs Safe?

Yes, it’s safe to microwave hot dogs. Hotdogs that have been microwaved are okay to eat as long as the internal temperature reaches 74 degrees Celsius or 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is crucial to note that undercooked meat contains listeria bacteria, which can be hazardous if not microwaved properly. If your immune system is weak or you’re pregnant, old, or both, these germs can make you sick.

Hot dogs must be heated thoroughly throughout in the microwave for a sufficient amount of time to kill the bacteria to avoid this from happening.

Also, when not overcooked, microwaved hot dogs retain their texture and flavor. The tenderness entirely changes when food is overcooked, which causes it to become dry and difficult to chew.

How Long Should Hot Dogs be Microwaved?

Hot dogs should be microwaved for about a minute. However, it depends on the microwave’s power and how many hot dogs are being heated at once.

One hot dog should cook in the microwave for approximately 40 seconds for devices with wattages of 800-1000. Use shorter cooking periods if the microwave has higher power, though.

When preparing more than one hot dog, the following cooking times should be observed:

  • 1 minute and 15 seconds for 2 hotdogs
  • 2 minutes for 3 to 4 hotdogs.
  • 3 minutes for 5 to 6 hotdogs.
  • 4 minutes for 7-8 hotdogs.
  • 5 minutes for 9–10 hotdogs

What are Different Styles of Hotdogs?

Michigan Red Hots

Favorite Michigan red hots are steamed beef franks with a natural casing, served on a steamed split-top bun, and topped with a minced meat chili (no tomatoes or beans), chopped raw onions, and mustard. They originate in New York’s North Country. Some establishments offer theirs in a New England roll, which has closed ends and is cut down to the top, like Clare and Carl’s in Plattsburgh, New York.

White and Red Hots 

Hot dogs are referred to as “hots” in Rochester, New York, and are available in red or white. The majority of hots are found on another Rochester institution known as the garbage plate, which also includes potato salad, home fries, meat sauce, and hots (or burgers, sausage, or anything you like). Red hots can be made with either beef or pork, while white hots are typically created with a combination of uncured pork, veal, and beef. The White Hots were first introduced by Zweigle’s in Rochester in 1925, and they produce both skinless and natural casing variants.

Red Dogs 

This dog is also known as “red snappers,” and its neon-colored casing, which has no bearing on the flavor, gives it that name. Others, like Simone’s Hot Dog Stand, steam theirs in a steamed top-split bun for the best snap. Some restaurants serve theirs grilled or griddled for the best snap in a toasted, buttered roll.

What are the Health Advantages of Eating Hotdogs?

Helps to Develop and Repair the Tissue in Your Body

5.1 grams of protein are included in a hot dog that is 6 inches long. This macronutrient is well known for assisting in tissue growth and repair. However, you should keep hot dogs available as a treat now and then because they do have some drawbacks. The 30 Best High-Protein Foods for Metabolism are a good alternative, so stock up on them.

Includes vitamin B

You can receive your recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12 by consuming hot dogs. About 30% of your daily suggested value can be found in one hot dog.

A series of vitamins known as vitamin B12 is essential for healthy metabolism, brain growth, and mental clarity. Additionally, it aids in DNA synthesis and guards against megaloblastic anemia, a blood disorder that weakens and exhausts a person.

Comparable to Other Popular Options, Has Fewer Calories

Usually, a six-inch beef hot dog has 150 calories. Less than 10% of the daily required calorie limit is represented by this. You will have between 300 and 350 calories if you add ketchup, mustard, and relish to a basic bread.

Hot dogs contain a lot fewer calories than hamburgers. For instance, a 4-ounce beef burger has 300 calories on its own. Around 500 calories are contained in a slice of simple bread and a slice of cheese.

How to Freeze a Hot Dog?

If you have more hot dogs than you can consume in two weeks, what then? You might be curious as to whether it’s possible to freeze hot dogs.

Maintaining hot dogs in the freezer might be difficult. But if you do it right, they will endure forever. To ensure the best quality, you should nonetheless consume them all within the first two months.

Uncut Hot Dogs

You should use wax paper or aluminum foil to wrap the box. If you don’t have one of those or a suitable replacement for wax paper, you can place the entire item in a freezer bag. Freezer burn will be prevented, and the shelf life of the hot dogs will be increased.

Put a date on the freezer bag before you put them in the freezer. After around 24 hours, they’ll begin to freeze.

Opened Hot dogs

Drain the hot dogs, if possible. As you place each hot dog in a freezer bag or other airtight container, place a sheet of wax paper between them to keep them apart. Wax paper can also be used to individually wrap each one.

To keep the sausages from coming into contact with the frigid air, gently close the bag or container. They will lose flavor, turn watery, and develop freezer burns if you don’t.

You’ll be more likely to remember to freeze your hot dogs if you label them.

Prepared Hot Dogs

That’s right, frozen hot dogs can also be prepared. They only live for four months, though.

To avoid freezer burn, place the sausages in an airtight container or wrap them in heavy plastic or aluminum foil.

The freezing date should be written on the container or wrap. This step is relatively important because cooked hot dogs won’t last as long as raw, uncooked ones.


If you’re wondering, how long does it take to cook a hot dog in a microwave? First of all, you should know that microwaves vary in power, from 500 to 1500 watts. Make sure to look at the label on the door frame to determine the strength of your microwave. After determining the amount of power you have, you should prick the hot dog several times to allow the steam to escape. Afterward, you can cover it with a paper towel. Microwaves have different power levels and different hot dogs cook at varying rates.