How to Freeze Wedding Cakes?

Keeping your wedding cake in the freezer is a tradition, as keeping it in the freezer is considered good luck. There are a few things to keep in mind while freezing your cake, including avoiding air circulation and storing it in a keepsake. In addition, keeping your wedding cake in the freezer for a year is also a good symbol of good luck! Hopefully, these tips will help you preserve your wedding cake for the future.

Wedding Cake

How to Freeze Wedding Cakes?

If you follow a bride or groom tradition, you’re likely already anticipating taking another bite of your wedding cake on your first anniversary. But to ensure the cake stays fresh in the freezer, you’ll need an airtight plan. When the caterer brings you the top tier after the evening, follow these exact instructions.

First, Understand Your Situation and Set Your Goals

It’s a huge order to freeze your cake for a year and then expect it to taste the same as it did on your wedding day. The cake may dry out in a frost-free freezer (which has a defrosting function to avoid frosty buildup).

Some cakes, however, will perform worse than others: When a fragile cake, like angel food cake, is frozen, it is more prone to lose its freshness, and some fillings, such as custards or fresh fruit, may not always hold their original texture. Cakes with more substance (such as chocolate, carrot, hazelnut, and almond) will fare better in the cold.

Pre-Freeze it

Place your cake in the freezer immediately until the icing is firm before wrapping it. And it’s better to take off any decorations, like sugar flowers or other adornments, now, so they don’t interfere with the freezing procedure later.

Finish it Up

After that, take the cake out of the freezer and gently wrap it in many layers of plastic (the frosting won’t stick to the plastic because it is frozen). Avoid using aluminum foil since it could cause freezer burn.

Glue it

Cover the box in multiple layers of plastic wrap if you’re storing it with your cake for the best chance of keeping the cake’s flavor and texture. Alternatively, it’s best to store the cake in an airtight container. Please put it back in the freezer and name it or tie a ribbon around it, so you don’t forget about it during the year.

Eat Up!

When your first anniversary is approaching, take the cake out of the freezer, take off the packaging, and put it in the refrigerator to thaw for 24 to 48 hours. Allow the cake to come to room temperature (2 to 3 hours) before serving.

Alternately, Order a Copy Instead of Freezing it

Are you worried that your wedding cake won’t survive the freezer? For your anniversary, ask your bakery to make a replica cake; the treatment will be delicious and fresh and will still make you think of your wedding day.

How to Defrost a Wedding Cake’s Top?

Erica and Charlie said, “The tough part is when you unfreeze the cake.” “Condensation might damage your frosting permanently when it occurs when the cake thaws. Unfreezing a fondant-covered cake is more difficult than freezing it. To prevent marking the icing, this must be done slowly and carefully.”

The secret to reducing this is: “The cake should be gradually defrosted in the refrigerator for at least a few hours, and after it is almost defrosted, it should be brought to room temperature. Any blemishes on the sugar paste are unlikely to be seen because you’ll probably serve customers little slices.”

How Long can a Wedding Cake be Frozen?

Depending on the wedding cake you intend to freeze, this will vary. While a sponge cake (especially one with fruit and cream) won’t last as long as a traditional fruit cake (which may be kept for more than a year), it will still taste good.

“We wouldn’t advise freezing a sponge cake for more than a month. This is a nice surprise to enjoy when our couples return from their honeymoon, which many of our couples depart immediately after their wedding, “said Charlie and Erica.

This isn’t always the case; according to one of their couples, they froze their sponge tier and ate it on their first wedding anniversary.

They reported that it was equally as good as it had been on their wedding day. Deborah advises adhering to the three-month guideline to prevent freezer burn. “Before you notice freezer burn, I would think it would remain in the freezer for around three months. After this, check your cake from time to time to make sure no ice is accumulating on it.”

What does the Custom of Freezing Wedding Cake Mean?

For one of two occasions—your first wedding anniversary or the christening of your first child—the top tier of a wedding cake is traditionally frozen.

This superstition about wedding cakes originated in the UK when fruit cakes were frequently used to make wedding cakes. This hearty and dense dish keeps incredibly well and can be consumed much after the wedding. If the couple eats a piece of their wedding cake a year after their wedding, it is also thought to bring them luck and wealth.

The custom of freezing your wedding cake has recently evolved as many couples want to freeze individual slices of each tier instead of the entire cake. This solution is for you if your freezer is too small!

“Although you can freeze a full tier, we normally advise couples to slice their cake and store it in a freezer bag or airtight box. After that, they can remove it as needed, slice by slice. To avoid freezer burn, ensure it is well wrapped and not contacting any ice in the freezer, “Deborah from Red Robin Pantry explains.

More of our couples express that they want to do this rather than save the usual top tier, according to Erica and Charlie, who concur that “many of our couples want to save a couple of slices of each tier to savor a few weeks later when they’re reminiscing their perfect day.”

Reference: Wedding cake: a slice of history

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What Should I Expect to Pay for a Wedding Cake?

There is no correct response; instead, consider how significant the cake is to your celebration. Allocating more of your cash to the cake may be excellent if you’re a strong fan of baking or have a sweet appetite. Nothing prevents you from forgoing a cake altogether if you and your partner are generally uninterested in the idea of a celebration sponge.

Think about the cake’s purpose as well. Are you using it as a dessert table feature for decorative purposes only, in which case you don’t need to serve it to every guest, or are you using it in place of your pudding, in which case you do need to give it to every guest?

What Elements Affect a Wedding Cake’s Cost?

Several various aspects will affect the price you pay for a wedding cake.

According to the Season

Wedding cake costs don’t typically fluctuate as much depending on the season as other wedding vendors alter their charges at various periods of the year. Given that wedding cake vendor will be busiest during the peak wedding season and on weekends, you may notice a slight increase in prices.

The Region of Your Wedding Wedding cake vendors in London and the South East typically charge more than those in other parts of the nation, though other elements will also affect the pricing.

Additionally, Keep Potential Shipping Fees in Mind

According to Nicola Nicholls of The Pretty Sugar Cake Company, “Location might contribute to the overall cost of the cake since most cake makers will charge a delivery fee based on round trip mileage/time taken to transport and set up the cake.” “Choosing someone closer to the venue might sometimes be more cost-effective.”

Size of the Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake’s size and the number of guests it must accommodate will affect the final cost. You’ll need at least three to four layers, increasing the price to roughly £400 if your wedding cake needs to feed at least 100 guests.

Dee Farrance of Sugar High Cakes says, “We constantly advise and encourage our clients to realize that when you purchase a wedding cake, you are primarily paying for the artist’s time.” “For a three-tier wedding cake, that may take up to a week to complete,” the speaker said.

Design of the Wedding Cake

While the size of your wedding cake will play a significant role in the cost, the design you select will ultimately determine how much it will cost you.

According to Nicola, a detailed cake design, such as one with hand-made sugar flowers, hand-piped accents, ruffles, etc., takes much longer to make and costs more. “Making just one sugar rose can take an hour! Anything that requires a lot of labor, such as hand-made sugar flowers, hand-piping details, ruffles, or stenciling work, will increase the cost because you are paying for their time and expertise.”

You may believe that going custom will increase the cost, and occasionally it will, but not always. According to Nicola, the price will always rely on whether a previously requested or a completely new design is needed. “For instance, a new design that is very simple would be less expensive than one that is exceedingly detailed. Since there will always be some unique elements, my cakes are always made to order.”

Aside from the specifics of the design, the sort of cake you select can also have an impact. Fruit cakes and those with premium ingredients like Champagne and liqueurs would cost more than, say, a vanilla sponge cake, according to Nicola.


Many couples preserve the top tier of their wedding cake as a tradition after the big day. This tier is considered lucky and good luck for the couple. These simple steps will help you preserve your cake to taste even better the second time. This tradition is also popular with families. The first anniversary of a married couple is often celebrated with a slice of the cake from the top layer.