How Long Does Black Pudding Last in the Fridge?

Black pudding is a food item that has been enjoyed in England for many years. It is made of beef blood, oatmeal, and spices. It can last up to one week in the refrigerator, but it can also be frozen to keep it fresh for longer. During the Middle Ages, people would eat almost anything that contained blood, and the black pudding was no exception.

This traditional Scottish delicacy can be found in a variety of forms. It comes in two basic forms, black and white. Both varieties contain the harmful organism Clostridium botulinum, which can cause severe food poisoning and even botulism – both of which are fatal. However, the good news is that black pudding will last 14 days in the fridge if properly stored. However, it should be eaten within a month of opening.

Black Pudding

Black Pudding: What is it?

Blood from animals is used to make black pudding. If you find it repulsive, keep in mind that a lot of processed meat is derived from unusual animal parts; nonetheless, the dark color of black pudding can make it particularly repulsive. It was initially created as a means of utilizing a copious by-product, making it both economical and moral.

It is made by combining oats, lard, and blood—typically from pigs—before packing the mixture into a casing. Afterward, the sausage is cut into rounds or crushed into little pieces and served boiled, fried, or grilled. Similar blood sausages, such as the French ‘boudin noir’ and Spanish’morcilla,’ are offered all over the world in addition to the classic British black pudding. The additional spices and seasonings used differ from manufacturer to producer.

If you look hard enough, you can find vegetarian or vegan black pudding that is loaded with tonnes of oats or barley if you really can’t handle the blood. Although white pudding resembles black pudding very much, it doesn’t contain blood, which accounts for its drab appearance. Scottish or Irish white pudding is especially delectable.

How Long Does Black Pudding Last in the Fridge

After the skin has been broken, please consume the product right away. It can also be refrigerated for up to three months. We advise cutting and dividing your pudding into portions before freezing. Since all of our black and white puddings are cooked before being packaged, you can choose to eat them cold straight from the bag if you’d rather.

Yes, you can freeze black pudding for up to 4 months. Since black pudding’s skin has been boiled and it isn’t actually cured like other meats like salami, it is likely that it won’t last very long at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Be sure to slice any of our “big rolls” of black pudding you bought before freezing it, which we hope you did. Your greatest kitchen knife won’t get damaged as a result, and you may take it out of the freezer as required. Always completely thaw food before cooking.

Is Black Pudding Healthy?

Although black pudding has some healthy nutritional qualities, we shouldn’t have it frequently. Emer Delaney, a nutritionist, will now speak.

“Black pudding has several advantages. It contains protein, which might help you feel satisfied for a longer period of time. Given that it contains blood, it might also be iron-rich. Iron levels are not always guaranteed to be high as the manufacturer’s contribution of nutrients will vary.

On the other hand, it has 297 kcal and 22g of fat (8.5g of which are saturated) per 100g, making it relatively heavy in calories. Additionally, it has 2-3g of salt per 100g, which considerably lowers the recommended daily intake of less than 6g. The typical serving size of black pudding is approximately 75g.

In essence, I would suggest that consuming black pudding occasionally is acceptable. The healthier choice would be to bake it rather than fry it.

We should always exercise caution when using the phrase “superfood,” as it is rather ambiguous and does not necessarily imply that a food is healthful. It is excellent to use it alongside fruits and vegetables because it will increase awareness. However, I caution against combining it with black pudding.

Reference: Bee pollen as a natural antioxidant source to prevent lipid oxidation in black pudding

How is Black Pudding Best Made?

The most effective approach to making black pudding typically simply depends on the cook’s preferences. Depending on how you want your black pudding made, you may or may not desire a crust on top of your piece. The second element might be the meal of the day and what you are eating it with. We firmly believe that eating black pudding three times is okay.

Black Pudding Preparation

The best way to prepare black pudding is probably to fry a slice of it, which can be bought at any reputable breakfast spot. Black pudding can be fried with the utmost simplicity. Cut the black pudding into slices that are about 1.5 centimeters thick.

Then take your frying pan out and heat some oil in it.

Once the oil is hot, add the black pudding and cook it for about three minutes on each side. Check to see if the color of your black pudding has changed throughout and if the middle is hot.

The flesh can be turned into sausages while making black pudding. Put the balls on skewers, then cook them for seven to eight minutes over medium heat. Try grilling the black pudding with a red chile ring or a few slices of cherry tomatoes for a hotter variation.

Add your preferred salad ingredients next, and enjoy. In no time, you’ll be enjoying a great lunch! You can eat this dish in a restaurant or at home!

Black pudding can be grilled in a frying pan or the microwave, respectively. Black pudding is cooked in a frying pan to a crispy exterior and a soft interior. It will take about 90 seconds to cook the black pudding in the microwave, and you should check it after a minute. The same delectable result can be achieved with either technique, but there are important distinctions. A frying pan could provide textural problems, but a microwave could produce overcooked food.

Black Pudding on the Grill

The Grant family prefers to prepare black pudding in this manner, so we encourage you to continue as follows. This approach allows for the speedy preparation of black pudding, therefore preheat your grill beforehand. Slice your black pudding into 1.5-cm-thick pieces after that, and then line your grill pan with foil. As near to the grill as you like, set the black pudding on the tray. Take it out and plate it after giving it two minutes on each side. You’ll find that the fats in your black pudding have provided you with a very moist slice. making you want to consume more and more of it as a result!

What Purpose Should Black Pudding Serve?

There is no one answer to the issue that is commonly posed to us. Black pudding can actually be used in a variety of ways, so here are five ideas to get you started.

The Perfect Full Irish

Staying true to its roots, black pudding is still a mainstay of a Full Irish or Full English breakfast. Black pudding and white pudding must be a part of your morning, regardless of how it is made—fried or grilled, with or without tomatoes and mushrooms, with one or two eggs, baked beans, or hash browns! What we deem to be the “perfect” complete breakfast is available here.

A Breakfast With A Twist

Maybe you don’t want a full Irish or want to test some new breakfast options. In either scenario, black pudding is a very adaptable ingredient. When you think of pancakes, what meal comes to mind first? Possibly bacon, fruit, maple syrup, chocolate spread, and syrup! But what about black pudding? Indeed, black pudding! Why not try baking eggs with black pudding, chorizo, and tomatoes? It’s possible to put the black pudding in your scones!

Third-best Brunch

Do you prefer breakfast or brunch? Or do you save your breakfast for brunch? Regardless, break out the black pudding! How about these mouthwatering croissants with egg, avocado, and black pudding?

It would be beneficial if you enjoyed it. How about a scotch egg with black pudding? This one might be contentious, as we all know. Black pudding can take the place of some of the sausage meat. We absolutely adore it!

Late-Night Specials

How about lunch today? soup and a sandwich. Quiche. Salad. spaghetti baked? Anything can include black pudding as a component. Here is a dish that we like to have for lunch. Despite being very simple to make, the black pudding dessert with roasted beets and goat cheese has a beautiful aesthetic. I sincerely appreciate it.

Delectable Salads

We’re cheating here because salads can be had for brunch, lunch, or dinner. But since there are so many delicious black pudding salad recipes to choose from, we still think that most people like a wonderful salad at any time of the day, therefore it deserves its own section here. How do I start? Every taste can be satisfied with a salad. Like cheese? Try the salad with feta, black pudding, apples, and a lemon dressing. Love seafood? Try the pancetta, apple puree, crab, black pudding, and salad. like potatoes? A black pudding salad is available for, you guessed it. The black pudding, potato, char-grilled red onion, and walnut salad were excellent despite their lengthy name.


The shelf life of black pudding depends on the cooking method. You can cook black pudding whole or in small portions. It usually takes 45 minutes to cook. However, the cooking time can vary depending on the thickness. It is important to monitor the cooking time and make adjustments accordingly.

The shelf life of instant pudding is influenced by the amount of moisture it contains. Since the pudding has thickening agents, even a tiny drop of moisture is needed to make it gel, so the product’s shelf life is decreased. However, an unopened, dry container of instant pudding can stay fresh for three to four weeks. A product’s best-by date is usually nine to eighteen months after its manufacture date. However, once the pudding is made, it has only a limited shelf life.