How Can I Reheat KFC?

KFC is a fast-food chain that’s been around for decades. Some of the meat is precooked, which makes reheating it a breeze. However, you should make sure you reheat it within a day. This is because leaving it at constant room temperature or in the fridge can lead to bacteria growth and food poisoning.

How Can I Reheat KFC

You’ll see that the microwave isn’t mentioned among many of the alternatives below. The primary cause of this is that KFC, which has been reheated in a microwave, is incredibly disappointing (imagine a food that is mushy on the exterior and rubbery on the inside!).

How can I Reheat KFC?

Reheating KFC in the kitchen ensures that it will remain delicious and crispy even if it isn’t as tasty as when you first got it. Here’s a safe way to reheat KFC:

Using an Air Fryer to Reheat KFC

If you’re in a hurry and can’t stop at a KFC, you can reheat their menu items at home in an air fray. Another great way to reheat KFC chicken is with an air fryer. It’s a quick, easy way to reheat the chicken without losing its juiciness.

Chicken tends to dry out when reheated using other methods, so using an air fryer will ensure the chicken stays moist and juicy. While KFC chicken is usually fresh for up to two days, it is best to thaw it overnight in the fridge before cooking. Once you have thawed it, you can reheat it in an oven, microwave, or air fryer.

Just be sure to preheat the food to a temperature of 75 degrees, so it doesn’t become soggy or tough. To reheat KFC chicken in the air fryer, you’ll need to remove the chicken from the Refrigerator a few minutes before frying it. Once the air fryer reaches 375 degrees F (190 degrees C), place the fried chicken in the basket and cook it for two minutes on each side.

You’ll need to watch the cooking time closely to ensure it doesn’t overcook. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and heat the dish at 350 degrees. Spray the surface with non-stick cooking spray to prevent the food from sticking. Depending on the menu item, it will take about 10 minutes to reheat KFC food.

Using an Oven to Reheat KFC

The best way to reheat fried chicken in the oven is to quickly bake it at a high temperature, even if it will be better than you originally ordered. Reheating KFC in the oven guarantees that it will be nice and crispy. Here’s how to properly reheat KFC in the oven:

Heat the oven. Turn on the oven and set the temperature to 180 C or 350 F. Get Ready for KFC Tin foil or greaseproof paper should be used to line a baking pan. Olive oil or low-fat cooking oil should be sprayed on it.

Your chicken won’t stick to the tray as a result of this. Keep your KFC in the oven. After that, arrange your KFC pieces straight before setting the dish in the middle of the oven. Reheat For 20 to 25 minutes.

After 20 minutes, you should check the chicken’s temperature to see if it’s finished. Reheat it if necessary for the remaining five minutes until it reaches the desired temperature. Examine the temperature.

Before consuming KFC chicken that has been reheated, ensure the internal temperature reaches 75Cor165F.  Enjoy and Serve! It’s time to dig in and enjoy yourself after your KFC is the perfect temperature and wonderfully crispy on the outside.

Using a Microwave to Reheat KFC 

If you’re not a fan of the cold fried chicken at KFC, you can reheat it in the microwave. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to enjoy KFC in a hurry, a microwave can reheat your chicken in just a few minutes.

To reheat KFC chicken, first, make sure that it’s completely cooled before reheating. It’s perfect for reheating it in the oven for around fifteen minutes, or you can microwave it for about a minute. You can also reheat gravy tubs from KFC in the microwave.

Just ensure you heat them on high for about 30 seconds or one minute, and then allow the food to cool before serving. Contact KFC directly if you’re unsure whether you can microwave KFC food.

Most of their food can be microwaved, but some foods, including gravy, may not be safe for the microwave. Check the label carefully if your KFC meal is in a microwave-safe container.

Using a Stovetop to Reheat KFC 

Depending on your chosen method, you can reheat KFC mashed potatoes on the stovetop in about five minutes or less. The two fastest methods are the microwave and the oven, but a stovetop saucepan provides the best of both worlds.

While these methods are only ideal for some foods, they are convenient and quick options. You can use your microwave to reheat KFC chicken if you don’t have a stovetop. Cover the container with paper towels since you will place it in the microwave.

Heat the chicken to 75°C. Alternatively, you can use your oven, stovetop, or air fryer to reheat KFC. If you decide to reheat KFC chicken on the stovetop, keep in mind that undercooked chicken may contain harmful bacteria. Therefore, it is best to use a meat thermometer to check the temperature to avoid an upset stomach.

If you reheat KFC on the stovetop, you should only reheat the food once. You can also reheat KFC pot pie on the stovetop. You can place the pan over medium heat for about one minute on low or medium power. Then, you can increase the heat in 30-second intervals until it reaches the desired temperature.

When you’re done, please remove the dish from the oven and allow it to cool for a minute or so before eating it. If you’re cooking your KFC chicken on the stove, you should preheat the oven before you reheat it. Preheating helps the meat absorb the flavor and makes it more delicious when served hot.

Is KFC Safe to Reheat?

Yes, it’s completely safe to reheat KFC. From a health and hygiene standpoint, how you store your KFC poses the largest risk. When you’ve concluded that your KFC bucket has too much chicken to finish in one sitting, wrap it and place it in the Refrigerator.

Fried chicken can be heated up as long as it is cooked the first time and quickly wrapped up and put in the Refrigerator. The chicken from KFC becomes risky to reheat if left out at ambient temperature for longer. It is safe to reheat leftover KFC if properly stored and heated to 75C or 165F.

As long as the fried chicken was prepared with an internal temperature of 165°F, reheating it is fine. Furthermore, it’s fine to reheat food that wasn’t kept at room temperature or in the “risk zone” for longer than two hours.

How can I Restore the Crispiness of my KFC Leftovers?

Place the range to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Take the chicken out of the fridge while you wait. A single layer of chicken should be placed on a wire rack that has been placed on a baking sheet. Bake the fried chicken in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until the skin becomes crispy.

The optimal condition for fried meals to regain their crispiness are dry heat. The easiest way to avoid having the food boil in extra grease while reheating is on top of a pan. In an oven or toaster oven that has been prepared to 400 degrees.

Is KFC Chicken Healthy?

The dishes of KFC are mostly deep-fried and are made using tons of oil. So, the regular consumption of KFC can make you gain weight. Eating KFC Regularly Makes You fat.

Therefore, continuous consumption of fast food, chicken, and meat with excess oil, can lead to heart and fat-related issues. The grilled chicken wings at KFC are the best alternative; the cooking method only adds 70 calories per piece.

How Long will KFC last in the Refrigerator?

For 3 to 4 days, fried chicken can be stored in the Refrigerator. Frozen fried chicken can be wrapped securely in heavy-duty aluminum foil or freezer wrap, covered in airtight containers, or freezer wrap to further increase its shelf life.

You could get food poisoning after that! If you want to save it for a future date, you may now wrap it in foil or put it in an airtight container before freezing it. Always practice good food safety; keep that in mind.


KFC will be good to eat the next day if it is kept refrigerated and not at room temperature for extended periods. In the fridge, it will remain fresh for two to three days. It is extremely scary and might result in salmonella consuming undercooked, reheated chicken. Invest in a meat thermometer to be safe, and check your meat’s temperature before tucking it in. It should be 75C or 165F. You might avoid being sick to your stomach!

When possible, we would stay clear of reheating KFC in the microwave. Although you could reheat it in the microwave, the texture would be drastically different. The once-crisp exterior coating will sag and soften, and the chicken will become rubbery. Every side that you ordered with your KFC can also be heated up. This eliminates any justifications you may have for throwing away any of your KFC food.