Black Friday Food Storage Deals: 2012

Black Friday Food Storage Deals for 2012 are plentiful. With the aim of helping you get the best bang for your food storage buck here is a list of the different companies and the Black Friday food storage deals you can expect to see this coming week.

Emergency Essentials Black Friday 2012

Emergency Essentials Black Friday 2012 deals were just put online (NOW OUTDATED).

An email will be sent out November 22nd with a 65%, 39%, 36%, and 31% discounted items. Those items are not known at the moment but we do have an idea as to the other items from a leaked Black Friday page that was found on their site Sunday night.

[UPDATE: The banner on the right is correct banner but it appears that the page it goes to is being redirected to the home page [Update: now fixed], my guess is Friday morning this banner will take you to the products]. Also, last year they gave free shipping on orders over $35 for that one day, doesn’t appear to be offering that this year. [UPDATE II (Nov 20th): Emergency Essentials has posted some of its 2012 Black Friday specials. They are teasing a handful of products that will be revealed in the Thursday email just two days away. The email goes onto show more items that are on discount. You can see those products in the download in the paragraph above. [UPDATE III (Nov 22nd): Local Emergency Essentials Black Friday door busters (LINK DEAD NOW) were emailed out this morning, if you live near one and get there early enough you can get great pricing on a couple food processing electronics.] [UPDATE IV (Black Friday): Emergency Essentials is offering Black Friday Free Shipping (LINK DEAD NOW). Last year they did something similar.]

The Ready Store Black Friday 2012

The Ready Store Black Friday deals will include a new product line at a big discount. Still trying to get more details on this but according to the company it is going to be a big product that they expect many people are going to be VERY excited for.

While they are already having a huge Saratoga Farms sale of items up to 25% off, they will likely do some Mountain House promotions along with possibly a 12 days of Christmas promotion like Shelf Reliance did last year.

[UPDATE (Nov 20th 9 pm): The Mountain House sale of 15-30% off is starting tonight. This is all of their #10 cans. It appears from their teaser blog post from the other day that the new product for the Ready Store Black Friday will be a bucket of something. Our guess is pouches since the shape of their teaser is similar to many pouch food supplies in buckets.] [UPDATE II (Nov 22nd): It is confirmed from a call into customer service, they will be launching a new line of freeze dried food pouches tomorrow morning. They will have a long shelf life and you can buy them individually and in buckets similar to Wise Foods.] [UPDATE III (Black Friday!): Their pouch kits launched and the one month kit is 20% off through Monday. Here is the link to that category (OUTDATED NOW) of product.]

Nitro-Pak Black Friday 2012

Nitro-Pak is offering 30 days of Holiday Deals. Thursday the 22nd, through December 5th Nitro Pack is offering up to 25% off on all Mountain House pouches and cans. You will be able to save up to an extra 5% off Black Friday weekend.

* Then on December 1st they will start the 12 days of Christmas that also will have a banner (NOW REMOVED) updated every day with those special deals. Lots going on!

[UPDATE (11/20/2012 at 8:45 pm): NitroPak has a one day coupon code to get an additional $15 off orders over 100. Sadly they didn’t say which day it was good for! We just tried it and it worked right now, hopefully this isn’t gone tomorrow night!] [UPDATE (Nov 22nd): The Mountain House deals are not as inclusive as previously announced, it is 6 different entrees that are on a small discount. You can go to Emergency Essentials and The Ready Store to get better pricing and more wide variety since they are running Mountain House sales of their entire product line.]

Food Insurance Black Friday 2012

Food Insurance has been having Black Friday deals every Friday of November. While some of the deals have been good it looks like the actual week of Black Friday is when they are going to pull all stops.

[UPDATE (Nov 22nd): The company is offering a 72 hours kit that is 35% off. Check out the big deal on the 72 hour kit.]

My Food Storage Black Friday 2012

The fellas over at are saying “November 23rd through Cyber Monday, November 26th, stock-up with free water storage boxes, a free Emergency Stove and a free Insta-Fire kit with the purchase of any 3 month, 6 month or 1 year supply of Long Term Food Storage. A 6 month or above supply also gets you a free Deluxe Survival Kit!”

They go onto say: “40% off the competition + up to $500 in free stuff + Free Shipping = Best Deal of the Year.” Possibly try double dipping by getting free shipping on orders over $87.

Wise Food Storage Black Friday 2012, starting Nov. 22 until midnight of Nov. 24, Wise shoppers can get 15% OFF plus FREE shipping on all emergency meals, kits, and packages. Coupon code WISEBF15 (NO LONGER VALID) should be used at checkout for the discount and the free shipping offer to apply.

Shelf Reliance Black Friday 2012

Shelf Reliance has made a list of the products they are planning to sell for Black Friday 2012. Click on the graphic to the left to download their product and price list.

As you can see from the Black Friday food storage listing the pricing will not go into effect like until Black Friday (novel idea huh?) which is the 23rd. Either way there are some good food storage deals worth waiting for the actual Black Friday to snatch up.

[UPDATE (Nov 20th): The email went out, they have a landing page with all of the products that will be on sale. Visit it Friday morning at 12:01 (midnight) for the pricing to be updated.]

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