2014 Black Friday Food Storage Deals – save with big deals!

Black Friday is like clockwork in the preparedness world. Every year there are big savings to be had as companies fight for your holiday dollar. It’s a great time to stock up as a result.

As our goal of trying provide useful information to our readers we’re helping them by collecting the various Black Friday food storage deals and listed them below. Come back often as this page will be updated daily in the coming weeks as more deals are made public.

Check back as we will be updating these specials on a daily basis as the crazy specials are publicized.

Black Friday Deals listed alphabetically:

Emergency Essentials:

So far they have not made their specific Black Friday deals available to the public. They do have a big November promotion titled: Harvest Sale (Up to 70% Off Through November).

You can be sure that when Emergency Essentials Black Friday deals are announced that we have them in detail, for example which offers are online versus which deals they have in their 4 retail stores in Utah.

[UPDATED 11/25/2014: For the second year in a row EE is starting their sale at a specific time (in this case 8am eastern standard time). Last year the site came down from all of the traffic so be ready to place that order FAST! Product pricing and details are scarce but they are advertising savings of up to 60%.]


[UPDATED 11/26/2014: See pictures to the right of of the mailer I received in the mail today – click on them to see more detail. These appear to be a handful of Black Friday offers .] [UPDATED 11/27/2014: Free shipping on orders over $75, not as good as last year’s threshold of $50 though]

Nitro Pak:

Nitro-Pak has a Pre-Black Friday sale going on right now. While they are not the actual Black Friday offers there are some good products at good prices.

For example we’re eyeing the Mountain House items that are up to 30% (you’ll see that most aren’t that big of a discount but most are at least 20%). You can also check out their Pre-Black Friday Deals: Sitewide Savings which is a large group of items across the site.

[UPDATE 11/25/2014: Nitro Pak announced up to 38% off Mountain House & Backpackers Pantry #10 cans.  Also up to 25% off on food storage kits. ] [UPDATE 11/27/2014: Here is what you can expect to see: Site Wide Savings up to 50%, 25-38% Off All #10 cans from Mountain House, Backpacker’s Pantry, AlpineAire, 30% off select MREs, all 72 Hour Survival Backpacks and Kits 20-40% off, and food reserve Units on sale up to 25%.]

Ready Store:

The Ready Store has not announced their Black Friday deals just yet but they did just announce a Mountain House sale that has items up to 25%. Their discount seems to be bigger when compared to the Nitro-Pak sale mentioned above. More items are in the 25% discount.

We love how their site shows the discount percentage, not having to have to do the math is a real time saver to help find out which the best deals are.

[UPDATE 11/25/2014: Mountain House cans are currently on sale up to 25% off. A little birdy from their sales department told me they are going to be upping that discount level on Friday. I wasn’t able to get more from them than that at the time of the call. Currently also selling Saratoga Farms (in house brand). Carrots are a whopping 60% off.]


We have yet to see mention of the Thrive (formerly Shelf Reliance) Black Friday deals. Of course since we are not consultants of the MLM we are left out in the dark. You might be able to find another website that is run by consultants who know more than us here.

Of course when their Black Friday deals are made public we’ll add them to this page in this portion of our post.

[UPDATE 11/25/2014: Save up to 50% on different food storage items. Prices begin on the 28th. From looking at a handful of these items be careful to make sure they are actual deals. They are advertising freeze dried strawberries for example for just under $19 a can. This is far from a special price. Consolidator Pantry rotation shelf is going to be  over 50% off though. Some deals to be had but do the math and look at competitors to see if the deals are really any good.]

Wise Food Storage:

Wise Food Storage has also not publicized their Black Friday food storage deals. They are currently running a save 5% on All Products (valid until November 20, 2014) offer. While we are a fan of site wide savings (love not being restrictured to what’s on sale) we are not a huge fan of the small amount.

Either way if you are in the market for Wise Food Storage and are wanting to buy now 5% is better than 0% :-).

[UPDATED 11/25/2014: Free shipping on select kits on Black Friday. We assume product discounts will be available too but for now all we know is there is free shipping on some kits.]

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