Tools Tools and Gadgets

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When it comes to food storage, the right tools and gadgets can make all the difference. Here are some of our top picks to help you make the most of your food storage:

1. Food Storage Containers: These are a necessity for any food storage plan. We like glass or BPA-free plastic containers with tight fitting lids.

2. Vacuum Sealer: A vacuum sealer is a great way to keep food fresh longer. It can also be used to portion out food for Meal Prep or to make your own freeze-dried meals.

3. Food Processor: A food processor can be a real time saver when it comes to Meal Prep. It can also help you make quick work of chopping and slicing for food storage.

4. Slow Cooker: A slow cooker is a great tool for making large batches of food that can be stored in the freezer for quick meals later.

5. Freezer Bags and Containers: Freezer bags and containers are essential for storing food in the freezer. Be sure to label them with the contents and date so you can easily find what you need.

6. Sharp Knives: Sharp knives are a must for any kitchen, but they are especially important when prepping food for storage. A good set of knives will make quick work of chopping and slicing.

7. Cutting Board: A cutting board is a necessary tool for any kitchen. Be sure to get one that is large enough to accommodate all the food you’ll be prepping for storage.

8. Food Scale: A food scale is a helpful tool for portioning out food for storage. It can also be used to weigh ingredients for recipes.

9. Canning Jars: Canning jars are great for storing homemade jams, jellies, and other canned goods. Be sure to get the right size jars for your needs.

10. Dehydrator: A dehydrator is a great way to preserve fruits, vegetables, and meats for long-term storage. Dehydrated foods take up less space and have a longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts.

Whether you’re just getting started with food storage or you’re a pro, these tools and gadgets will help you make the most of your efforts. Be sure to stock up so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.