Cyber Monday Food Storage Deals 2012

Cyber Monday Food Storage Deals for 2012 are not as plentiful as the Black Friday deals were but they are still out there. With the aim of helping you get the best bang for your food storage buck here is a list of the different preparedness companies and their Cyber Monday food storage deals that you can expect to see in a couple days.

Emergency Essentials Cyber Monday 2012

Emergency Essentials Cyber Monday 2012 deals were just emailed out (NOW OUTDATED) for those on their email list. If you are not on their mailing list you can get to it from the home page of their site, we recommend you sign on.

It looks like there are some doorbuster items like Cinnamon Apple Dices from Mountain House at 48% off! Also there are Freeze Dried Strawberry Banana Blend fo almost 30% off and a few MRE products for 40% off. These are just a few of the great 2012 Cyber Monday deals from Emergency Essentials.

The Ready Store Cyber Monday 2012

The Ready Store Cyber Monday deals (like their Black Friday food storage promotions – NOW OUTDATED) will include a their now launched pouch bucket product line at 20% off. This kit is already 33% lower than Wise Food bucket kits so it is a real good deal.

Of course they already have a 20-30% off Mountain House promotion so there are for sure some great deals to be had.

Nitro-Pak Cyber Monday 2012

Nitro-Pak is offering 30 days of Holiday Deals (GRAPHIC REMOVED – NOW OUTDATED).

Through December 5th Nitro Pack is offering up to 25% off on 5 different Mountain House cans. The important thing though as it related to Cyber Monday is you will be able to save up to an extra 5% off on Cyber Monday so head over to their site on that day.

After that, starting December 1st they will start the 12 days of Christmas that also will have a banner updated every day with those special deals. Lots going on!

Food Insurance Cyber Monday 2012

Food Insurance to our knowledge does not have any Cyber Monday food storage deals.

Check back daily to see if that changes or if they choose to avoid the biggest internet sales day of the year (strange considering they only sell online).

My Food Storage Cyber Monday 2012

MyFoodStorage are having a sale November 23rd through Cyber Monday, November 26th (NOW OUTDATED).

Their exclusive email stated: “stock-up with free water storage boxes, a free Emergency Stove and a free Insta-Fire kit with the purchase of any 3 month, 6 month or 1 year supply of Long Term Food Storage. A 6 month or above supply also gets you a free Deluxe Survival Kit!”

They go onto say: “40% off the competition + up to $500 in free stuff + Free Shipping = Best Deal of the Year.” Possibly try double dipping by getting more deals from the guys over at

Shelf Reliance Cyber Monday 2012

Shelf Reliance’s Black Friday deals carry on through Cyber Monday. Click on the graphic to the left to download their product and price list (NOW OUTDATED).

These are some pretty good deals and the fact that you con’t have to deal with a consultant to buy these products.

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