250 Gallon Water Tank – 3 Years Later

It’s been 3 years now and I decided to rotate the water in the 250 gallon water tank. It’s a simple job really you take off the cap from the top connect a hose to the bottom spigot and turn the valve as long as the bottom of the hose is lower then the elevation of the 250 gallon tank the pressure inside the tank will allow the water to empty about 98% of the way. Throughout the process I watched for leaking from both valves and everything look great.from there I went down the top and sides then hook the hose up to the house has water and proceeded to fill up the water tank. 250 gallons it takes a long time but filming it as you’ll see in the embedded video here you can see the water tank did a great job without leaking both valves continue to hold water even when the water is all the way at the top and is putting the most pressure the heavy duty brass valves get bumped quite a bit in the garage for my kids taking in and moving out bikes luckily so far the kids haven’t played around with the valves by opening them as that would get really messy really quick but overall I’ve been really pleased with the water tank I’ve had one of these for the last 7 years this is

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