2016 Black Friday Food Storage & Preparedness Deals

2016 Black Friday food storage discounts are just a few days away. For the third year in a row we are listing the biggest Black Friday deals across the preparedness industry. If history tells us anything, 2016 Black Friday food storage deals will be worth camping out for (virtually that is).

In the past few years we have seen crash from unexpected levels of traffic it’s important to know when each deal is available and through which companies so you can plan your time wisely and get the best deals possible. With preparedness retailers fighting for your holiday dollars it’s a great time to stock up. If you come across great deals feel free to post in the comment section and we’ll update the post!

Come back often as this page will be updated daily as the deals are made public.

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Deals listed alphabetically:

Emergency Essentials:

[UPDATE 11/29/2106] Emergency Essentials Cyber Monday Sale last all week, as well as FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75.
[UPDATE 11/28/2016] Emergency Essentials Cyber Monday Sale are here. The whole egg powder is finally getting back to 2015 pricing levels which is nice to see. After the issues last year with the chicken industry it will nice to get back to buying #10 cans of whole egg powder for less than $60 a can! [UPDATE 11/23/2016] Emergency Essentials Black Friday deals have leaked through their affiliate portal. The grey and red banner below is for promoting the sale and the following items will be on heavy discount (up to 80% on Black Friday). They will again offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75, just like last year.

Here is the list of items below. We suggest reading up on them now and deciding which items you want. It would be a good idea right when 12:01 (one minute after midnight MST) comes, to add them to your cart and check out as their site has crashed in the past from too many people trying to buy at once. Limited supplies so the deals are gone when the products are gone.

Again below are the 14 biggest deals on Black Friday from Emergency Essentials. Note if you click the links now and view the items remember that the pricing right now does not reflect what it will cost when it is Black Friday.

Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer – $900 off
320-Gallon Ultimate Water Reserve Combo – don’t know yet
Mountain House® 6-Month Supply of Entrées – $500 off, their lowest price ever
Freeze-Dried Shredded Chicken – 59% off
Freeze-Dried Peach Slices – 70% off
Mountain House Rice & Chicken – 38% off
Instant Milk – 55% off
Mixed Vegetables for Stew – 50% off
Trekker II Two-Person Emergency Kit – 41% off
Vanilla Granola – 55% off
Red 115 Plus Hour Candle w/ Globe – 73% off
Half-Month Supply of MREs – 58% off
Variety Meal Bargain Bundle (18 cans)
2-Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit – don’t have yet
Asap Silver Solution 16 oz -57% off

[UPDATE 11/22/2016] Last year Emergency Essentials gave FREE shipping on orders over $75 plus deep discounts on a wide variety of products.

For people that live in Utah they sent out a local mailer driving people to their stores. The door busters were very big but they only offered a few of those at each store so get their early. They have done these local sales at their stores for about 4 years running so expect that again this year if you live in Utah.

For the rest of us stay pegged to this page as we update it daily with deals that come out over the next 4 or 5 days as Black Friday food storage deals are followed by Cyber Monday specials.

Nitro Pak:

[UPDATE 11/22/2016]Last year NitroPak launched a site-wide that was up to 65% off sale, though a lot of the items that were heavily discounted were junky cheap import items such as flashlights and space blankets but they did have some good deals on survival bug out bag kits (72 hour kits).

Ready Store:

[UPDATE 11/28/2016]The Ready Store Cyber Monday Sale is also live. There is a new MRE SurePak case of 12 that I haven’t seen before. Also they are giving introductory pricing on the Ready Club, a yearly program where you can lock pricing and pay for items later. [UPDATE 11/22/2016] The Ready Store last year launched a whole new line of Essential Oils and accessories for Black Friday. They also announced the ReadyQ, a Netflix type queue for ordering food storage conveniently. They had a site wide sale as well that had big discounts on mostly food and some miscellaneous gear.


[UPDATE 11/25/2016] True to form with last year this year’s sales have been published and they are not very special. Again I think this might have more to do with the fact that we are not associates within their business model but the prices any ol’ Joe would pay for the items even on Black Friday are definitely a let down compared to other companies offerings. [UPDATE 11/22/2016:] Thrive generally publishes a Black Friday sales price sheet where good deals can be had without having to go through a MLM consultant. To be honest most of the deals weren’t better or even close to a few of their biggest competitors. Last year during Black Friday we looked at 9 different items on their sheet and compared them to prices you can find at the Ready Store and Emergency Essentials and only a 2 were better priced and only by a dollar.

Wise Food Storage:

[UPDATE 11/28/2016]The Wise Food Storage Black Friday Sale ends today, there is FREE SHIPPING and a variety of products at a steep discount. We didn’t see any that seemed to jump out more than any others so the better approach would be to look through the offering for what suits you and decide how it compares to the other deals out there today. [UPDATE 11/22/2016] Wise Food Storage has also not publicized their Black Friday food storage deals yet. There are some ok pre-Black Friday deals but they haven’t been anything special in our books. I’d suggest waiting for Black Friday before pulling the trigger on your next purchase.

Bookmark our page, we will be posting daily with updates all the way through Cyber Monday at the end of this month. Of course if you see any deals beforehand feel free to comment below and share them with the rest of us! Thanks for checking out our 2015 Black Friday Food Storage deals!

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