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The Ready Store Review

The Ready Store is an emergency preparedness and food storage manufacturer. They have been in business for 16 years and carry a wide variety of products. They have mainly been an online retailer but in 2011 they opened a retail store in Draper, Utah. The company was family owned and operated until July 2017 when it was sold to the owners of Freeze Dry Foods who also owns the Food Insurance and Daily Bread brands. So how is the company now in 2018? Ready our Ready Store review below to find out!

Review of the Ready StoreAside from selling emergency preparedness items on their website, the Ready Store also cans their own food product line under the Saratoga Farms brand as well as offers Food Insurance and Daily Bread brands of food storage. The Saratoga Famrs product line encompass’ just-add water meals, freeze-dried ingredients, and dry/dehydrated ingredients.

The Ready Store differs from some of its competitors in that they offer a lot of different sales on a regular basis (daily, weekly, and monthly Ready Store sales) instead of just monthly discounts like most others. There is never a dull moment on their site.


A company is only is as good as the service they provide, that is why we look at service first when reviewing a company. Over the past 8 years Shawn and I have ordered from The Ready Store on numerous occasions and have had good experiences when dealing with their customer service representatives. That includes contacting them via email, phone, and the handy online chat feature. Each time we have had a product question or something regarding a recent order we have been helped fast and courteously.

While we have not had an issue that required a return, I feel very confident we will be taken care of, if you read their return policy it is more than fair.


With a little patience you can get some of the best prices you will see online. If you buy an item that isn’t on sale it will be close to some of the lowest prices online but often it will be a little more. When I asked a rep about that with regards to a #10 can of freeze-dried Strawberries their response was that since they don’t source food ingredients from China that sometimes their food pricing is a little more than competitors that go overseas for food items. Something that is fine by me.

Aside from constant food storage sales and promotions, they also have a customer loyalty reward system called ReadyRewards. Think frequent flyer miles and you will get the idea. Every dollar spent is converted into a point and you can cash in your points later for discounts on orders. You must use points within 1 year of receiving them.

While product prices are important, shipping costs can also add up so they are important to investigate. The Ready Store has a reasonable shipping tier price system similar to Emergency Essentials where orders up to $100 cost $6, orders between 100 and 150 cost $9, and lastly orders over $150 are $12.


The Ready Store carries three brands of food storage; Mountain House, their own Saratoga Farms product line that is put into cans and buckets, and lastly EasyPREP which is the food in pouches which are then placed in buckets. Unlike some companies that only carry their own brand or only carry Mountain House, The Ready Store carries both which is a nice option to have when shopping for food storage. Those two brands cover pretty much all that you will need. The only area where you will be left wanting is dehydrated vegetables and fruits as they only carry their freeze-dried counterparts. [UPDATE: The Ready Store is now carrying a variety of dehydrated fruits and veggies].

You also get a wide variety of packaging options. Mountain House can be purchased in pouches and #10 cans and you can buy Saratoga Farms in #10 cans, mylar pouches, 6 can samplers called ReadyPacks as well as 45 day, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month food storage kits for adults. They also package some traditional food storage items in 6 gallon buckets which that call ValueBuckets.

They have something for everyone and their prices on bundled purchases are some of the best online, even when not on sale. They also have a queue/auto-ship system called ReadyQueue Thrive where you can place items in your wishlist and have items sent out monthly depending on how much you want to spend. We’ve used it for a couple months and it worked as expected. If we knew we needed a ton of things from them it would be worth setting up and staying on.


Outside of your typical food storage products mentioned above, The Ready Store also carries MREs, water storage, survival kits, and emergency supplies such as cooking items, food processing, and shelter. The wide variety of products means you could spend some serious time on their site looking at all sorts of prepper items that can help you get prepared. In fact the site has over 1000 items, that is one of the larger online stores we have come across to date.

Also, something we notice quite early on when conducting our Ready Store review was the site layout helps one easily navigate the large amount of products, we will get into more detail about website usability in the website section below but The Ready Store is either #1 or #2 when it comes to a nice easy-to-use website.


Shawn and I have purchased from The Ready Store for a while now and have tried several of the food items and found them to be of very good quality. We were fortunate to live near their retail store for 8 years so we went on several occasions to what they call their demo kitchen. We’ve tried a lot of things we never thought we’d like (freeze dried pomegranate yogurt comes to mind) but I would imagine the not so amazing items they probably don’t have people sample.

While the food storage items tasted very good there are some items we would steer you away from. Their lower priced 72 hour kits (their Basic line) are mostly comprised of lower quality items. While this isn’t unique to the Ready Store, I’d rather build my own by purchasing higher quality items separately and putting together my own kit. Most non-food items like their outdoor gear are name brand items (Gerber, MSR, UST. etc) you will recognize and can trust and from our experience have withstood our trips into the outdoors.


The Ready Store website is one of our favorites, if not the top one in the industry. Something we noticed very early on in our Ready Store review. The home page has the main categories along the top, when hovered over sub-categories appear and you can jump into a variety of more specific product categories. No matter where you are on the site this navigation bar is always there so it is easy to get to where you want to go.

The website is responsive in design, that is a web/internet technology term for meaning the website will adjust its layout as you use it with devices with different screen sizes (phone vs tablet vs monitor).

Ready Store Review
The Ready Store’s product pages are on of our favorites as seen below. The amount of information, specs, customer reviews, additional photos, videos, and other resources relevant to the product is just so much better than the majority of their competitors. It reminds me of an established outdoor retailer website like REI or What this means for you is you can come to a page and get a wealth of information on the product and often see it in action via videos and up close in hi-resolution images.

Ready Store Review

Another hi tech feature of the website we mentioned above is the ReadyQ, an automated shipping option. If you have lots of items on your wishlist but only want to spend a certain amount each month you can add all of the items to your queue and set how much you want sent to you at whichever interval is best for you. This will make budgeters super happy.

Lastly, a recent addition most people won’t know about but is cool is the Ready Store website is now entirely on HTTPS. This means the site is secure and protected on all pages. Most webstores have shopping carts that are HTTPS and the rest of the site is HTTP. Having the entire site protected and secure makes me feel even more secure.


Our only complaints is the search function which doesn’t work as well as it should.


The Ready Store also prides itself on education. The website has a deep level of product information but they also have the Ready Blog where you will find hundreds of articles that are informative and relevant to the person getting prepared. One of if not the best company blogs in the industry.

One of our favorite resources is their YouTube channel. They have hundreds of videos to watch and learn from as well.

As we have reviewed many different food storage companies, something we’ve come to value is when a company can offer a good product at a decent price but one that also gives back through education and other useful resources.


The Ready Store is a reliable company that will help your family get prepared. We have found their service, products, and education to be top notch which squarely puts them in the top of emergency preparedness and food storage suppliers. From their wide variety of products and easy to maneuver site you can efficiently shop for items and get some of the best prices around.

As always feel free to post your experiences or questions below. This concludes our Ready Store review!

Ready Store Review Score

Customer Service - 100%
Pricing - 90%
Food Storage - 95%
Product Selection - 95%
Product Quality - 90%
Website - 100%
Additional Resources - 100%



Great variety, pricing, service, and our favorite website that discloses a lot of specs and details. One of our favorite food storage and preparedness companies.

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User Rating: 2.53 ( 10 votes)


  1. I would like to see you tackle nutritional questions under the “product quality” category. It would be helpful in my decision-making were I armed with answers regarding average sodium, calories (which you did address with the Wise product line), GMO’s, hormone-free meat and poultry, organically grown vegetables.

    • Good feedback Jim. I agree we could definitely dig deeper in areas like that. Maybe come up with a scoring system based on different criteria and score the different brands (like Saratoga Farms, Provident Pantry, Mountain House, Wise Foods, Rocky Mountain Reserves, ect).

  2. How can you review “Quality” without touching on whether a company has any GMO food, MSG, hidden MSG, Gluten, high sodium, low sodium etc. in their products?

    There are many of us (unfortunately too many) that have health and allergy issues.

    Shouldn’t this be part of your “Quality” assessment for any company?

    • Shawn Anderson


      I agree I need to add food allergens and other miscellaneous details into a section for each company review. Not sure I would put that in quality as you can still have high quality product that has gluten or sodium in them but no doubt collecting different bits of info could help those that have to watch out for certain things.

      Thanks for the suggestions, with them it helps me make a better resource for people so I appreciate it.

  3. I agree with Jim. I have specific dietary needs. Also would like to know if the food is sourced outside the US especially China.

    • Shawn Anderson

      I know the Ready Store doesn’t after I called and talked to a rep for about 45 minutes on the subject last year. They were very candid and forthcoming with info unlike several companies that dodged the question so I would feel comfortable ordering from them.

      Something to consider is a lot of freeze dried food comes from South America and Europe but the tricky thing is these places bring in frozen items from China and then freeze-dry them in their facilities in ship them out as goods from their respective locations. I have seemed to notice more and more are going that direction over the past couple years of looking at this.

  4. Might mention the Ready Store has the BEST packaging I’ve seen in a long, long, time. No dented cans, even though there are times the big delivery boys have crumpled an edge or two on the outside of the box. Have to say WELL DONE! Also had a return recently, and was very smooth from email request for Return Label to the coordination with FedEx sending it to me via email. Customer service is the BEST!

  5. I am interested in their canned flour, biscuit mix and the brownie mix. It would be much more convenient to buy premade mixes than worry about grinding my own flour. Many sites say that flour won’t last for the shelf life The Ready Store states. This makes me wonder about the shelf life of the biscuits and brownies. Who’s right?

  6. I have been associated with The Ready Store as an affiliate for over a year and have not received any negative comments. I do agree with the over comments concerning food origin. I prefer made-in-America. All these type of companies should be very forthcoming as to ingredients (on the package and on the website) and place of origin.

  7. I wish I could pay The Ready Store nothing, but compliments. But, I ordered my first thirty day supply of food order with TRS and what I received
    consist of broken down MRE without any heaters. Nor could I determine the actual dates with these odds and ends of MREs.
    I know a lot more about survival foodstuffs now and I would have returned The Ready Store’s survival food I received.
    The other equipment one may need in a survival situation that The Ready Store sells is of good quality

    • Did you call them and tell them your concerns? The several times I have talked to them (whether there was an issue or not) they were very helpful and wanted to make sure all was well. I’d call them if I were you.

  8. I mainly shop the Ready Store and Emergency Essentials, with a little Amazon and Moutain House here and there. The Ready Store is MY favorite store for the easy to navigate website and good customer service. Also, I like the clear nutrition information posted. If you are watching your sodium intake, carefully compare their Saratoga Farms brand products, especially the freeze dried meats, with other brands. I think you also will be willing to pay a slightly higher price at The Ready Store. Watch their sales and get to know the base prices so you know when you find a good deal.

  9. Pretty decent operation but not loyal to existing customers. They recently ran a “private sale” @ 30% off to existing database customers. I wanted to purchase but could not reach the on phone. I emailed the order to my account Mgr. He emailed me back stating they would not honor order because he didn’t have time to process order and call me for payment. I think the sale was just to generate funds for payroll and equally to dump old stock. I will not purchase from them again. There are far too many other companies that sell the same stuff.

  10. The 10/10 score for customer service is well-deserved. I recently received an order from the Ready Store, and there was an issue with one item. More specifically, the “specifications” section on the website listed the item’s net weight as 14 ounces, but the label on the cans stated 8 ounces, which is a pretty significant difference (43%). And I ordered two cans.

    I called customer service today. The rep who took my call investigated, and called me back an hour later to report that the information on the website was incorrect. To rectify the mistake, they are sending an additional can and a pouch of the product at no charge.

    I really appreciate that level of customer support. No hassles; no quibbling. They acknowledged that a mistake was made, and they fixed it.

  11. I am interested in the ready store readyprep 2000 or flexprep 2000. I just started looking at food storage, so I do not know what would be a good price on these items. Should I buy now, or can I get a lower price if I wait? Would you have an idea of what a good price would be?

    • They are running a 30% off sale today, I got that email from them a few hours ago. You have to use the coupon code for the discount to apply in your shopping cart. I’d check it out.

  12. I wanted to tell you I found your website very informative. I was thinking of buying Thrive. I have purchased from Emergency Essentials, Wise and Ready Store. I noticed that Thrive consultants are relentless. But after reading the comments you posted on all three companies I have decided to stick with Ready Store and emergency essentials. Thank you. Probably saved me money and untold hours of harassment.

  13. Not sure where to ask this but i noticed yesterday that Walmart is now selling what they call “emergency” food. Have you considered reviewing them? Thanks!

    • We will likely review Costco and Sam’s Club soon as they have had these items for a long time and many more than Walmart. By the way where are you located? In the Mountain West all our Walmarts have preparedness foods so that isn’t new to us but I could imagine it is not something all Walmarts have.

  14. Can you do a review on Legacy Food storage?

    • Peggy,

      I plan to. I’ve ordered from them once about 3 months ago and plan to place a second order here soon so I can base the review on real life experience. I have seen a few websites like mine creep up in the past year and from reading it you can tell they’ve never even purchased from the company. If you haven’t purchased from them and tried their products how can you review them?

  15. I placed an order with these guys. After waiting a week for my 5 small items to ship I sent them an email. They responded saying that they were behind in shipping and I would have to wait another 2-3 weeks for them to get to my order. Add another week for shipping! Did some shopping on Amazon and found the same stuff that will be delivered in less than a week.

    • Gary,

      Yeah the whole industry in general is in a crazy run right now. I got an email from NitroPak saying their ship times are about 3 weeks out. I went to Emergency Essentials site a couple days ago and when I got to my cart it said the order would ship in about 2 weeks. Normally order processing times for these companies are 1-3 days… right now they are all at several weeks if not longer.

    • I placed an order 4 weeks ago and it still has not shipped. I have called twice already to no avail. Just got my credit card bill and see that I was charged for it at time of order rather than at shipping time like most companies that I deal with online. This is not the first order that I have placed with them however it will be the last

    • Gary, I am curious if you ever got your order?

  16. Received an email this morning from showing free shipping and daily specials. One daily special was Tropical Fruits Ready Pack for $107.84. Clicking on the offer takes me to with Tropical Fruits Ready Pack for 170.84.
    Called the ready store toll free number and they would not honor their email ad.

  17. I’ve seen The Ready Store considered not top rated in terms of variety of 72 hour emergency kits they carry, but frankly living in an area with the potential for 3 months or more cut off from help or any reasonable expectation of evacuation through infrastructure failure in the event of the worse possible natural disasters, I don’t care about very short term kits. I started food storage and disaster prep item acquisition in 2013, with a two year hiatus due to two moves (!!) and placed orders broadening and replenishing my store over the past few months. Initially I ordered items to try out from The Ready Store, Emergency Essentials, a local MRE warehouse style “outlet”, and a few smaller sites (mainly MRE components and full meals not available elsewhere). Now I only order items from other sites if the Ready Store does not have them at all, for two reasons. One is the ability to buy items to make my own meals with a little water and heat; The Ready Store has an in-house line of products (Saratoga Farms) with no added salt and usually no added anything else -salt free meats, veggies, fruits, grains are all basic to feeding people who are aging or have other issues, and every ready-to-eat meal I have ever found is not just salted but usually high salt. They even have an option in their menu now that takes you directly to all of their low or no sodium products. (I like to think I was one of the customers who had something to do with that; I emphasized needing to find things without added salt in my first talk to customer service in 2013 before the menu feature existed 😉 ) Two, after my two years of experimentation learning to cook with freeze dried items and observing the various packaging, and reading many reviews from others using the same sites, I’ve found The Ready Store has superior packaging in terms of better #10 (big coffee can size) and #2.5 (pantry size) cans with additional lining that resist time more successfully. Emergency Essentials has some reviews indicating failing cans long before the stated time (bulging or seams letting loose to leak though stored properly) and one of my #10 cans from them is indeed bulging after only 3 years. I am currently searching for another source for the few things Emergency Essentials carries that The Ready Store does not -at this time tomato powder, grains other than oats and rice, Monterey Jack cheese, and a couple of seasoning/spice items. (Those of you looking for non-aluminum baking powder to put in your baking needs storage, go to The Ready Store!) Besides these very important reasons, I trust the people at The Ready Store to work with me, make suggestions based on my personal situation and needs when asked, be very knowledgeable about items on their site, answer questions thoroughly even taking time to check on changing items, etc, be responsive to special needs, as well as courteous, professional, and have a sense of humor! And yes, as of a month ago when I asked, they do source their own items mostly or wholly from America. You can ask for specifics when you order if you like. One last thing: if you are putting together customized homemade disaster prep food kits for neighbors, friends, or family members, talk to The Ready Store for help in figuring out the best way to do this. There is a LOT of information about all imaginable topics involving disaster preparedness on the site as well, and the mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and easy open plastic bucket lids (though not the buckets themselves, which you can buy elsewhere in various sizes or possibly get from restaurants or bakeries that discard food safe 4-6 or higher gallon buckets their foodstuffs come in) you need for those customized kits.

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