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Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Burrito Wrap


We are back with video number 2 of the Mountain House Breakfast Skillet, this time we have added tortillas to the mix. Where to Buy See it cheaper somewhere else? Or is a price above no longer accurate? Contact us and we’ll update the page and possibly send you something ...

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2013 Black Friday Food Storage Deals


NOTE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BLACK FRIDAY DEALS FOR 2014 VISIT OUR 2014 BLACK FRIDAY FOOD STORAGE DEALS. 2013 Black Friday Food Storage Deals Steep and exciting black Friday deals are sure to ramp up in the coming days. With the aim of helping you get the best bang ...

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Mountain House Beef Stroganoff Review


Mountain House Beef Stroganoff Review Mountain House freeze-dried meals are some of the best tasting in the long term food storage world, along with proven shelf life. Anyways today we whipped up a variety of meals, this particular video is of the Mountain House Beef Stroganoff, so check out the ...

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Best Time to Buy Food Storage


Best Time to Buy Food Storage There is a best time to buy food storage and there are far worse times to buy food storage. In our years of preparing and buying these types of products there are some takeaways we have been able to notice that we wanted to ...

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Ultimate Food Storage Glossary


Welcome to the Ultimate Food Storage Glossary, the most extensive food storage glossary on the internet… in the making! Please let us know which words we should add, this glossary and preparedness acronym page is a work in progress and over time will become the best preparedness dictionary and wiki ...

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Clarified Butter vs Regular Butter Smoking Point Face Off


Smoking Point Comparison – Regular Butter vs Clarified Butter One of the great things about Clarified Butter is the high smoking point when compared to regular butter. Check out the video below to see how well the clarified butter does in a face off against regular butter! Also if you want ...

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Food Storage Kit Comparison Checklist


Food Storage Kit Comparison Checklist Food storage kits are complex. They often have upwards of 150 cans of different foods, some freeze-dried some dehydrated, some with just-add-water meals while other kits require cooking meals from scratch. Then add to the fact that some companies will twist the details to make ...

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Bridgford Ready to Eat MRE Sandwich Review


Bridgford Ready to Eat MRE Sandwich Review MREs have been improving ever since the Department of Defense started the project in 1963. While most servicemen would argue they haven’t come along fast enough and that they are nowhere where they need to be, there are some significant advancements that should have preparedness ...

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What is the True Shelf Life with Food Storage?


What is the True Shelf Life with Food Storage Meals? In the emergency preparedness and food storage industries anything that can be swallowed has a shelf life of 25-30 years, or so some food storage companies claim. Businesses that have been around for a few months or years are marketing their own ...

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Ova Easy Eggs Review


Ova Easy Eggs Review Great tasting eggs that store for a long periods of time have been a tough thing to come across in the emergency preparedness industry. When we heard there was a new egg powder changing that sentiment we decided to check it out. Read on for our Ova ...

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