Saturday , 16 February 2019

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Life Gear Wings of Life Survival Kit Review

Life+Gear Wings of Life Survival Kit Review Most reviews happen within a few weeks of getting the product, this Life+Gear Wings of Life review is not one of those. I received the bag from work after we finished analyzing samples, it’s been collecting dust for the last year in the closet and has been …

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Mountain House Noodles and Chicken Review

Mountain House Noodles and Chicken Review Today we are reviewing Mountain House Noodles and Chicken freeze-dried meal from a #10 can. The biggest and most successful player in the freeze-dried meals industry, Oregon Freeze Dry, has long been making tasty meals for outdoor enthusiasts and the preparedness community under the …

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Heater Meals Review

Heater Meals Review MREs are the butt of most ex-military and preparedness minded people’s jokes. For a reason, the military ready to eat (MRE) meals have come down a long road from where they started in the early 60s. Here we are over 50 years later and a lot has changed …

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Did You Know? Tidbits About Daily Bread

One of the reoccurring features you will see at Top Food Storage Reviews is a Did You Know segment, a variety of factoids that are usually not well known amongst consumers in the emergency preparedness industry. Today’s post is going to be about Daily Bread Food Storage, a newer food storage company …

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Ova Easy Eggs Review

Ova Easy Eggs Review Great tasting eggs that store for a long periods of time have been a tough thing to come across in the emergency preparedness industry. When we heard there was a new egg powder changing that sentiment we decided to check it out. Read on for our Ova …

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WaterBrick Review


WaterBrick Review The WaterBrick, a product name that gets the imagination running when you hear it for the first time, but makes an awful lot of sense after you familiarize yourself with these tough water containers. There is a lot more to learn about these handy water containers, simply continue …

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Volcano Collapsible Grill Review

I’ll admit it, we are suckers for prepper gear that doubles as outdoors equipment. The Volcano II Collapsible Stove is just that, a great product for the preparedness minded outdoors-man/woman. Simply put this is the swiss army knife of outdoor cooking. The grill is more than just that, it is a …

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Eton Road Torq Review

The Road Torq is the night time road warrior’s solution in the Eton American Red Cross Turbodyne series. Let’s try and decipher what all that meant… it is an American Red Cross co-branded product because Eton entered into a agreement to pay a portion of profits to the ARC for …

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QuickStove Fuel Cell Video Review

We took a look the other day at the QuickStove Fuel Cell, and we must say it was a pretty nice fuel source for the price. In certain applications it makes a whole lot of sense. [UPDATE: talked with Spencer at QuickStove and he gave me a coupon code so …

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