Sunday , 21 April 2019

Shelf Reliance Coupons & Sales

Shelf Reliance (now named Thrive) coupons, as you will soon notice after looking around the internet, are few and far between. As a whole they don’t do a lot of discounting through coupon codes instead they have promotions that run for a limited time. As a result this page is going to be updated with the current sales and promotions but will not have coupon codes very often since they do not offer many.

Thrive does have monthly sales that they announce via email. Most of the time the discounts are pretty minor like up to 10 or 15%. You can save some extra money if you sign up as a consultant though you have to spend several hundred dollars on a business starter pack so it may be a while before you start seeing substantial savings.


  1. HI Shawn. I found some missing information in your article that I hope you will share. While a client may never find a coupon on the internet for Shelf Reliance products, their personal coupon is only a phone call or email away: a personal independent consultant. Consultants are your personal coupon/discount for all Shelf Reliance products. Also, that note about the MREs….Shelf Reliance has been carrying them for the last several years………and, the company as a whole does not gear it’s products towards women. There is an extensive line of survival and outdoor products that are strictly for “the guys”. I would love to speak with you off the blog about more things…..Thank you for your time.

    • Coupons and sales people are two different things. I think people looking for Shelf Reliance coupons are not looking for talk to someone otherwise they would have searched for Shelf Reliance phone number :-).

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