Sunday , 21 April 2019

Product Reviews

Food Storage reviewsFood Storage product reviews galore, from freeze dried meals to dehydrated fruits and veggies we try them out and report back. Check them out!

MRE ReviewsMREs have come a long way over the years and in this section we will test and report on everything we get our hands on. Read the reviews!

Water Storage Product ReviewsYou can live without food for a while but pass on water storage or treatment and you will be one sorry sap, in about 3 days. See our reviews.

Light and Communications Product ReviewsWhen the SHTF you’ll need communication capabilities and when night falls you’ll need to shed some light on the situation.  Take a look.

Survival Cooking ReviewsStoring food is wise, finding a way to cook it during a disaster is even smarter! These off the grid solutions will help so you won’t go hungry. Peruse now.

Warmth and shelter Product ReviewsFood and water are essential but without warmth and shelter you won’t last one day in some situations. Look through our product reviews.

Emergency Tool ReviewsEmergency tools will help you execute your plan, without them a lot of your supplies won’t really help. Check out the reviews!

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