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Ova Easy Eggs Review

Ova Easy Eggs Review

Great tasting eggs that store for a long periods of time have been a tough thing to come across in the emergency preparedness industry. When we heard there was a new egg powder changing that sentiment we decided to check it out. Read on for our Ova Easy Eggs Review.

Having tried freeze-dried eggs from Mountain House as well as traditional spray dried eggs from brands such as Provident Pantry we have never been really thrilled to eat egg powder unless it was just used as a component in cooking, using it as a stand alone product for say scrambled eggs was always a big let down.

Well today is a new day, enter Nutriom’s Ova Easy Egg Crystals, a powdered egg that is dehydrated with a proprietary low temperature process that has little to no affect on the egg. The result is an egg that tastes like an egg!


The Ova Easy egg tasted great. It didn’t need ketchup or hot sauce to chase it down your throat like other products we’ve tried. Our daughter ate them and  didn’t notice anything different about them. Simply put they taste like the real thing.


Ova Easy eggs not only scramble up like a real egg (the toughest test out there for a powdered egg) they also work great in recipes that require egg powder. Basically you treat these eggs just as you would any scrambled egg after you add water and scramble.


Ova Easy Eggs ReviewNutriom has done something with their product that many powdered egg manufacturers have not which is test the shelf life with accelerated shelf life tests.

After being put through the accelerated shelf life test the Ova Easy eggs were good after 7 years (my friend who knows a rep at the company said it was more like 8+ but that they want to be conservative) while the other powdered eggs were good for about 1 year!


The Ova Easy egg product is about $30 a can which is a little more than 30% of some of the other competitor’s products but when you factor the shelf life and taste into it they are worth every penny. This product will last 5 times longer and when it comes time to eat it you will actually enjoy it.


Lastly the Ova Easy egg powder was very easy to use. Some egg products are difficult to mix well and require a whisk or electronic blender. We simply used a fork to mix the powder and water together. When making scrambled eggs it actually formed like the real egg. Other eggs we have tried in the past wouldn’t fold over and make an omelet, they’s simply crumble when attempting such a task.


It’s pretty hard to really find anything negative with the Ova Easy Eggs, that probably is just due to the fact that it is better than any other long term egg storage product out there. When it comes to taste and value we think when you give these a try you will agree.

Check Out Ova Easy Eggs

Check out the video below to see how they matched up side by side with a store bought egg:


  1. Look like some really good eggs! Going to have to try some of those. Thanks for the review!

  2. Bought some of these recently, there is simply NO better egg in the preparedness industry. I have tried them all, I LOVE omelets and scrambled eggs – eat them every morning.

  3. Another idiot writer

    My GOD I hate reading article written by illiterates. It’s there, not their. Powdered eggs, how disgusting can you get.

    • Shawn Anderson

      I couldn’t find the misspelling/misuse of the word. It occurs only once in the whole post (on a PC hit cntrl F then search for “their” and you’ll see it is only used once and used correctly. Maybe you should relax a little when reading things on the internet? If you have that hard of a time you might want to stick to classic literature or encyclopedias.

      • It’s correct now. Can’t find it because it was changed to there as it should be. I feel a lot better now. I read a lot of articles and when the writer does not bother to check the spelling or grammar, it really bugs a lot of us. Even copying the text into Word will show you basic misspellings and incorrect grammar.

        • Shawn Anderson

          I’m glad you can now sleep at night 🙂 Feel free to read the other posts on our site and let us know of other mistakes. Free and competent editing services are appreciated. We aren’t infallible so readers giving us a heads up about possible mistakes is appreciated.

          By the way my wife fixed the error after you pointed it out and didn’t mention it to me. I guess we both missed that one.

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