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Food Storage Glossary Wik Terms

Our Food Storage Glossary is a work in progress but as we build it there will be no better place to turn to preparedness terms that are a little confusing to you, sure to be a great resource.

Freeze Dried versus Dehydrated Foods

Don’t know the differences between freeze-dried and dehydrated foods? Well we have just the right the right article to help explain the differences of these two preservation types.

Bug Out Bags Survival Kits

72 Hour Survival Kits, also know as Bug Out Bags, are a necessity for preparing your family for the unknown. Here are a list of tips to help you prepare for a situation that requires evacuating.

Truth About Freeze Dried Food Shelf Life

Shelf life claims are thrown around loosely in the food storage industry. Most brands haven’t been around to see their food meet their claims, so how do you buy wisely? Read our tips.

Food Storage Shopping Checklist

Food storage supply kits are often a great way to save. Some discounts will be 40% off the cost of buying the cans by themselves, while others are just a bad deal. Learn how to distinguish!

Preparing For Disasters

Disasters hist and the masses hit back by running to the grocery store and emptying its shelves. What should you store up on now to be ready? See the top 100 items that disappear first!

Food Storage Shopping Tips

The top 10 food storage shopping tips. Click through to see what advice we have to pass on when it comes to shopping for food storage. Bet you will learn something new and useful!


The 10 C’s of Survival is a great list of essentials for the survivalist in all of us. See which 10 items we recommend you have in your preparedness plans.

Best Time to Buy Food Storage

When is the best time to buy food storage? Take a look at our article that was based on information from players of the food storage industry. Use it to be prudent with your dollar!


  1. Which food supply company would you recommend that uses Mylar pouches? I would hate to open a years worth of cans and try and put them in zip lock or vacuum sealed bags to keep the shelf life of the product. If it’s already packaged in mylar, then efficiency is better because you’re only getting that one pouch for that one meal. Thank you for your truthful reviews and not bending towards the big wigs.

    • Really depends on what you are looking for. If you’re looking for meals in mylar pouches no doubt Mountain House is the best in terms of taste and quality but they are more expensive. Wise Foods is on the lower end of quality/taste but are cheaper and then there are bad products like Chef’s Banquet (found in Costco under the ARK series) and Food For Health which also makes bad tasting meals for cheap. Those items are more cook on your stove top…. if you dont care about quality then those are decent places to start. EasyPrep is a good middle ground that is instant like Mountain House but less expensive.

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