Sunday , 21 April 2019

Company Reviews

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Costco often lacks in variety but makes up on their prices. Does this hold true with their preparedness products? Click here to find out!

Daily Bread Food Storage Review

Daily Bread marches to the beat of a different drum. What do they do differently than the other food storage companies? Find out!

Emergency Essentials Review

Emergency Essentials is a  stalwart of the industry with over 20 years in business, should they be? Click here to find out!

Nitro Pak Review

Nitro-Pak has been around the block too, are they still one of the best around? Read our review to see what we thought, click here!

The Ready Store Review

The Ready Store has its own longevity in the industry for almost 13 years now. How do they stack up with the rest? Click to find out!

Thrive Life Review - Shelf Reliance Review

Thrive Life (formally Shelf Reliance) started with shelves and moved into food & an MLM business model. Are they a good option?

Wise Food Storage Review

Wise Food Storage is a new comer in the food storage industry. So how well do they stack up to the rest? Click to find out!

Are you the owner of a food storage business or a customer of one that you would like to be reviewed/profiled? If so feel free to reach out to us via email at and we will see if we can add you to our food storage company reviews.


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  1. Will you be reviewing Legacy Premium?

  2. I would love to have you test us out but your email seems to be down. Give me a call or send me a message so I can get you some food!


    valley food storage

    • James,

      That is kind of you but we don’t take free product and review it. To us it would come across as self serving and could possibly sway they review so we have decided that we will not review products that are given to us. I will make note of your company and as I get more and more requests from viewers to review your company and its products then we can look into that.

  3. Shawn, Any idea of when your review of products carried by Costco will be available?

    • Still working on it, I’ve ordered 3 times from them now and feel I am pretty close to giving them a fair shot. Since they carry so many brands it makes the review a little more time consuming.

  4. Has there been any study on the company called Numanna? How do they compare to the others that you have reviewed?

  5. Thanks so much for your research and info on so many levels. I have been on your site and took so many notes that I am sure I couldn’t have found all this in months, if ever. I also appreciate your comments on what you have personally tried. I do wish that a date (even if it’s only the year) that something was updated. Love your stuff!

  6. Have you ever tried a freeze-dry company called Lindon Farms? I see advertisements from them, often. Any ideas as to how good they are?

    Thank you,

  7. Have you reviewed Augusta Farms? There deals are fair and the calorie count is there I do not know about taste. Lastly, have you looked at My Patriot Supply?



  8. Hi all… in 2012 loaded up with Thrive supplies. Am trying to find a shelf life for the goods. Can anybody help me with directions for that info?

    • They should have manufacture dates on the cans. From there I believe you have to find their shelf life pdf file where they list all of the products. They don’t like putting that information on the product pages on their site for some lame reason

  9. Have you reviewed Food4Patriots?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  10. Have you done a review on Rainy Day Foods? If not, will you be reviewing the company?

    • We haven’t though we have companies that have been around a lot longer that we are working on so they are not likely to be reviewed soon.

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