Monday , 20 May 2019

Emergency Essentials New 72 Food Water Gear Packs

Emergency Essentials has new 72 Food Water Gear Packs.

Basic 72 Hour Kit
Basic Kit

Each of the three kits comes in a backpack so it’s easy to store and ready to go when needed. The Basic 72-Hour Kit and Deluxe 72-Hour Kit have the same food and water, 2080 calories, 99 grams protein and 104 oz water per day.

The Ultimate 72-Hour Kit has the more food and water the daily calories are 3520, 128 grams protein and water is 176 oz per day. All three include a first aid kit,and varying level of survival tools staring with basic level needs. The Ultimate is definitely the most complete kit with amenities like the HydroHeat® Flameless Heat Cooker, a LifeStraw® Personal Water Filter, and a ParaHatchet FS. These are not included in the Basic or Deluxe Kits.

As an added bonus for those that purchase on 4/23/2019 Emergency Essential will give you a free Eat-on-the-Go Food Kit with a purchase over $250.

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