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Emergency Essentials Coupon Codes & Sales

Emergency Essentials Coupon Codes & Sales

Emergency Essentials coupon codes and sales promotions are two great ways to save. Active Emergency Essentials promo codes are listed below but the most common way to get a deal is from their monthly sales which we detail below.


SHIP50 – this code gives free shipping on any order over $50 up through Sunday August 21st at midnight (MST). Code must be entered in all caps. See promotions nowicon. – NO LONGER VALID

EEPREP60 – this code will save $60 on your next order of $160. This is a big time discount! Check out Emergency Essentials now. – NO LONGER VALID

SAVE25- this code will get you a $25 gift card on your next order of $200. – NO LONGER VALID

Check back often as Beprepared.com coupon codes often change every few days with new ones coming out and older ones expiring.

Emergency Essentials August monthly sale consists of 172 products. As always we did the dirty work for you by sorting the top discounted products by amount saved, then by biggest percentage off to help save you time finding the best food storage deals from Emergency Essentials.

Biggest Dollar Savings August 2016 – Top 12:

Convenience Year Supply
Convenience Year Kit – $2284 Off
emergency essentials coupon codes
Convenience 1600 Year – $1719 Off
Variety 1600 One Year Food Supply
Variety 1600 Year Kit – $1064 Off
6 Month Supply
6 Month Supply – Save $433
Emergency Essentials Promo Code
320 Gallon Water Tank – 383 Off
Magnum 1 Person Kit
Magnum 1 Person Kit – Save $420
3 Month Supply
3 Month Supply – Save $252
MRE 1 Month Kit - Emergency Essentials Coupon Code Deal!
1 Month MRE Supply – $236 Off
Year Supply Basics
Year Supply Basics – 236 Off
Emergency Essentials Deals
MH 3 Month SUpply – Save 219
Super Supply Of Milk
Supply of Milk – Save 144
Combo Freeze Dried Fruit
MH Entree Combo – 131 Off

Biggest Discount by Percentage – Top 18 Deals!:

Mobile Washer
Mobile Washer – 50% Off!
Minced Garlic
Minced Garlic – Get 50% Off
Instant Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding – 43% Off
Instant Chocolate Pudding
Chocolate Pudding – 40% Off
1 Month Dinner Bucket
1 Mo Dinner Bucket – 39% Off
Instant Milk
Instant Milk Superpail – 30% Off
3 Month Supply
3 Month Supply – Save 29%
Instant Milk #10 Can
Instant Milk Can – 28% Off
Venture 6 Tool
Venture 6 Tool Kit – 27% Off!!!
Beef Ground Freeze Dried
Beef Ground Freeze Dried – 26% Off
Wavelength Emergency Radio
Emergency Radio – 26% Off
Chili Combo
Chili Combo – Save 25% Off
6 Month Supply
6 Month Supply – Save 25%
Combo Freeze Dried Fruit
Freeze Dried Fruit – $118 Off
1 Month Supply
1 Month Supply – Save 24%
Meat Combo Kit
Freeze Dried Meat Kit – 21% Off
3 day food supply
3 Day Emergency Kit – 21%!
PP FD Cheddar Cheese
FD Cheddar Cheese – Save 16%


Another way to save big is to get on the Emergency Essentials catalog mailer. Their catalogs are packed with a variety of items on sale along with group buy specials that can save you a lot of money when you pool your purchasing power with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Keep coming back each week for more details on the latest Beprepared.com promo codes, sales information, and Emergency Essentials coupon codes. Save big when you take advantage of sales, closeouts, and promo codes for you and your families preparedness. Also, dont forget about the Emergency Essentials Closeout & Overstock Page for some other great savings. So there you have it, many ways to save whether it is from Emergency Essentials promo codes or their current sales promotions you can start making your money stretch further. Thanks, Shawn & Julie Top Food Storage Reviews


  1. Thanks for the coupons, I was able to get the free shipping to work once but only once. Anyways, thanks for the great site. Saved money and read some great reviews.

  2. I wasn’t able to get the coupons to work, maybe they expired aleady?

    By the way, love the site. Great insider info, I feel like I have a connection into the industry reading the detail in your articles and pages. Keep it up Shawn and Julie!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies, appreciate the feedback. We are trying to make a great resource to help people out. We are very fortunate to be smack dab in the middle of so many of these companies and their products so it’s fun to share with others that are not so fortunate what we think may be of use.

    Thanks again.

  4. Very good selection of food storage products that cover the needed essentials.

  5. While there weren’t any Emergency Essentials promo codes I was able to find the products that were on sale that I was interested in and it saved me some cash. Thanks and keep up the site.

  6. Great resource, I like being able to look through the list of items and since they are sorted for me I can quickly see what is the best value.

    Thanks for the Emergency Essentials coupon codes too!

  7. I read your very informative article comparing Emergency Essentials 1600, to Food Insurance. Loved it! So, I wanted to share some information I learned today, when I tried to purchase EE 1600.

    In your article dated 09/10/2012, Emergency Essentials Gourmet 1600 1 year supply cost consumers $3500. Today, 10 months later, the Emergency Essentials website (www.beprepared.com) has the same product listed with a cost of $4625.55. But wait….there is a sale this month, so the sale cost is $3399.99.

    It appears to me, they played the marketing game, of marking a product’s cost up, so they can mark it back down, to give the appearance of a deep discount. The product is actually $100 off, instead of the $1225 they lead you to believe.

    I’m sure this cost could have increased minimally in the last 10 months…but I doubt it increased to that extent. It’s disappointing. Just wanted to share 🙂

    • Good catch Denise. One plan we have is to eventually pay a programer to build a program that would index certain products from different companies and track their prices so people can see a historical price for the product. No doubt companies pull tricks like this whether on purpose or due to supply shrinking when a disaster hits. Either way I think it will be a great resource.

      Thanks for dropping by the site..

  8. I have seen a change in customer service with EE in the last several months. They run daily specials that run out in a matter of hours and even minutes. Today while shopping the site, the items in my cart became unavailable. Called customer service to ask for raincheck and was treated rudely by Emergency Essentials Customer service Manager named Andrea. She was so rude in fact, I asked to speak to someone else, however, she said that there was nobody else to talk to as she reports to the CEO Matt Nettesheim who does not take any type of communication from customers (same with Don Pectol – Sr. VP). This does not give a customer a lot of options to voice any concerns. In any event, I will take my business elsewhere and recommend nitro-pak.com to my family and friends instead.

    • Shawn Anderson

      Thanks for the feedback, we haven’t ordered anything in a few months though when we have we didn’t have any problems. I’m curious if it was someone having a bad day or if it is more systemic as you say. No doubt a business can go downhill when the forget about the customer, will be interesteing to see if anyone else chimes in with a negative experience with Emergency Essentials coupon orders or daily specials.

  9. EEPREP60 coupon doesn’t work. “Coupon code “EEPREP60″ is not valid” when placing a $250 order.

    • Thanks Ned, you are right it is no longer valid. I will update the page right now. Thanks for the heads up.

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