Sunday , 21 April 2019

Tools and Supplies

550 FireCord Review


Having your cake and eating it too is a good thing. 550 Firecord, created by the makers of Live Fire, proposes that is just what you will do with their new multi-functional paracord & fire starter. From afar the 550 FireCord looks like a normal strand of paracord. A popular …

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Pocket Bellows Fire Starter Review


Product reviews can sometimes take on more meaning than others. That happens to be the case with our Pocket Bellows Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit review. Starting a fire is a simple task with the right equipment but when you screw up and are unprepared, starting a fire can be anything …

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Live Fire Emergency Fire Starter Review

Live Fire Review

New outdoor and survival gear comes to market every day in the preparedness industry. Sometimes it’s new technologies like thermoelectric pots that cook your dinner and charge your phone while other times they are spin offs of previous inventions. Today we take a look at one of the later, the …

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Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Review

Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife Review It’s not often that a preparedness or survival product reaches into the mainstream but when attach name of a star of a popular survival TV show  there is a good chance the product will have a lot of people talking. This happens to be the …

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Life Gear Wings of Life Survival Kit Review

Life+Gear Wings of Life Survival Kit Review Most reviews happen within a few weeks of getting the product, this Life+Gear Wings of Life review is not one of those. I received the bag from work after we finished analyzing samples, it’s been collecting dust for the last year in the closet and has been …

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