Sunday , 21 April 2019

Product Reviews

Ultimate 250-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Review

ultimate 250 gallon emergency water tank review

Ultimate 250-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Review Water storage is the most often neglected aspect of emergency preparation. Most people focus too heavy on food and emergency gear when they should really be looking into the resource that is more far more vital for life. You can go weeks without food …

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550 FireCord Review


Having your cake and eating it too is a good thing. 550 Firecord, created by the makers of Live Fire, proposes that is just what you will do with their new multi-functional paracord & fire starter. From afar the 550 FireCord looks like a normal strand of paracord. A popular …

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Pocket Bellows Fire Starter Review


Product reviews can sometimes take on more meaning than others. That happens to be the case with our Pocket Bellows Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit review. Starting a fire is a simple task with the right equipment but when you screw up and are unprepared, starting a fire can be anything …

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Simple Shower Review


Sanitation and hygiene is an often overlooked aspect of preparedness. Today in our Simple Shower review we’ll take a look at a simple product that aims to help in this regard. Having a fully functioning home is something most take for granted. In the case of a disaster, you need to …

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Live Fire Emergency Fire Starter Review

Live Fire Review

New outdoor and survival gear comes to market every day in the preparedness industry. Sometimes it’s new technologies like thermoelectric pots that cook your dinner and charge your phone while other times they are spin offs of previous inventions. Today we take a look at one of the later, the …

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MRE Star Review


Military rations have come a long way in the past few decades. Back in the day you could sum up pretty much every MRE review as a D+, good enough to keep you alive but bad enough to not want to eat them if at all possible. But that has …

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New Millennium Energy Bar Review

New Millenium Calorie Bars Review

The New Millennium Energy Bar is an extremely convenient, well thought out product that merits serious consideration when preparing for an emergency. We knew Mainstay and Datrex, the two leading calorie bar providers, offered up only one flavor each but something that was apparent just minutes into our New Millennium Energy Bar …

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Yoders Canned Bacon Review

Yoders canned bacon review

Yoders Canned Bacon Review Some products from a distance look like head scratchers. Before we started our Yoders Canned Bacon review we sure thought this was one of them. How does someone get a fatty food, a bad thing for long shelf life, to store well on your shelf? Well …

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Clarified Butter Review

Clarified Butter Review

Getting prepared is often a fun thing to do. Education, planning, making and buying preps is half, I’d argue that tasting, playing with, and testing out is the other half. That’s why we love this site and sharing our reviews with you. During our clarified butter review we were reminded …

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30 Year Shelf Life with Mountain House Pouches

30 Year Shelf Life with Mountain House Pouches Recent news coming out of Oregon Freeze Dry, makers of Mountain House freeze-dried foods, states that shelf-life for their pouch product line is closer to a 20-30 year shelf life as opposed to the 7 year shelf life they have been claiming …

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