Thursday , 27 July 2017

Lights & Communication

Nokero N200 Solar Light Review

Nokero N200 Review The Nokero N200 solar light is a part solar light, part light bulb. Ok 1/2 of that statement it true, the Nokero Solar Powered Light Bulb though is a pretty nifty solar flashlight that just happens to look like a light bulb when you cross your eyes …

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Nokero N200 Solar Light Video Review

Nokero N200 Solar Light Video Review Below is a video review of the Nokero Solar Powered Light Bulb, feel free to check it out as well as our more extensive written Nokero N200 review¬†where we look into its performance, how it fares in the value department, as well as how …

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Eton Road Torq Review

The Road Torq is the night time road warrior’s solution in the Eton American Red Cross Turbodyne series. Let’s try and decipher what all that meant… it is an American Red Cross co-branded product because Eton entered into a agreement to pay a portion of profits to the ARC for …

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