Sunday , 21 April 2019

Emergency Cooking

Utility Flame Fire Starter and Fuel Gel Review

Utility Flame Review

Yesterday we took at Utility Flame Fire Starter Gel that aims to increase convenience when starting a fire or cooking a meal. Check out the video below to see how long it burns, if it is odorless or not, and does it give off smoke. I think you will be pleased …

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Volcano Collapsible Grill Review

I’ll admit it, we are suckers for prepper gear that doubles as outdoors equipment. The Volcano II Collapsible Stove is just that, a great product for the preparedness minded outdoors-man/woman. Simply put this is the swiss army knife of outdoor cooking. The grill is more than just that, it is a …

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QuickStove Fuel Cell Video Review

We took a look the other day at the QuickStove Fuel Cell, and we must say it was a pretty nice fuel source for the price. In certain applications it makes a whole lot of sense. [UPDATE: talked with Spencer at QuickStove and he gave me a coupon code so …

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