Sunday , 21 April 2019

250 Gallon Water Tank – 3 Years Later

It’s been 3 years now and I decided to rotate the water in the 250 gallon water tank. It’s a simple job really you take off the cap from the top connect a hose to the bottom spigot and turn the valve as long as the bottom of the hose …

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Freeze Dried Blackberries – 60% Off

It’s not often that we do a blog post promoting a product on sale, but it also isn’t often that we see Emergency Essentials Freeze-Dried Blackberries for $14 (#10can). The promotion lasts until tomorrow, Tuesday at noon (MST). In the decade that we’ve been buying food storage we’ve never seen …

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2016 Black Friday Food Storage & Preparedness Deals

2016 Black Friday food storage discounts are just a few days away. For the third year in a row we are listing the biggest Black Friday deals across the preparedness industry. If history tells us anything, 2016 Black Friday food storage deals will be worth camping out for (virtually that …

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Ultimate 250-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Review

ultimate 250 gallon emergency water tank review

Ultimate 250-Gallon Emergency Water Tank Review Water storage is the most often neglected aspect of emergency preparation. Most people focus too heavy on food and emergency gear when they should really be looking into the resource that is more far more vital for life. You can go weeks without food …

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Deal or No Deal: Mountain House Just-In-Case Buckets


Mountain House freeze dried foods has always been more of a manufacturer than a marketing company. They have traditionally passed off all marketing and sales to distributors such as REI and Walmart for outdoor camping (pouch sales) and companies like Emergency Essentials and the Ready Store for the preparedness market …

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The Ready Store Review

Ready Store review

The Ready Store is an emergency preparedness and food storage manufacturer. They have been in business for 16 years and carry a wide variety of products. They have mainly been an online retailer but in 2011 they opened a retail store in Draper, Utah. The company was family owned and …

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2015 Black Friday Food Storage & Preparedness Deals


2015 Black Friday food storage discounts are like clockwork in the preparedness world. Every year there are big savings to be had as companies fight for your holiday dollar and 2015 black friday food storage deals are no exception. It’s a great time to stock up as a result so …

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Beware of Phony Food Storage Review Sites

Beware of Phony Food Storage Review Websites

By nature I am not a confrontational person but then there are somethings that are so far overboard that you can’t just sit back and stay quite. What I’m talking about are phony food storage review sites. You’re right to question a post like this where I’m essentially calling out …

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Is Wise Food Storage Full of Hot Air?

Oregon Freeze Dry is Mountain House vs Wise Food Company study, in a new study looking at some of the top pouch food storage meals on the market, the makers of Mountain House are showing via a 3rd party inspection that Wise Food Storage and others have sub-par packaging standards …

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550 FireCord Review


Having your cake and eating it too is a good thing. 550 Firecord, created by the makers of Live Fire, proposes that is just what you will do with their new multi-functional paracord & fire starter. From afar the 550 FireCord looks like a normal strand of paracord. A popular …

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