Friday , 22 September 2017

Beware of Phony Food Storage Review Sites

By nature I am not a confrontational person but then there are somethings that are so far overboard that you can’t just sit back and stay quite. What I’m talking about are phony food storage review sites.

You’re right to question a post like this where I’m essentially calling out alternative websites to but follow me through this and I think you’ll understand why I’m frustrated.

Here are a some examples of really misleading food storage review websites:

Case 1: Food Storage

This website has popped up over the last couple years. At first they appeared to base their reviews on actual experience with the companies but over time they have turned into an unapologetic advertisement for every company and product. What you won’t see on their site are negative reviews. I don’t care if you were raised with the notion of “if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all”, there are a lot of REALLY bad preparedness products and companies out there.

Food Storage Reviewer

For example I visited their site today (8/12/2015) and noticed a banner on their home page showcasing their EDITOR’S PICK, a Food for Health International Emergency Food Bucket. This is unequivocally the worse food storage product we have ever tried in 7 years of the food storage industry. This product was so bad that Costco took it off their site due to bad reviews yet it is their Editor’s Pick that they are recommending over all other items!

The problem is the owner of this website isn’t testing 95% of the products they’ve “reviewed” on their site. Every product is talked about glowingly and if there is criticism it is trivial and a small blip compared to the rest of the glowing recommendation. Heck they even sell some products directly from their site, how neutral and unbiased is that?

Case 2: Top Ten

food storage reviewsTop Ten Reviews is a very large company that writes thousands of product reviews for a a large number of industries. They review cameras, software, laptops, and on and on.

They have also reviewed food storage companies and products. They’re a part of the reason I started my website several years ago. I questioned their flawed logic and obvious lack of knowledge of the industry and how they came to their conclusions. I wanted to make a better resource so I started our website.

Soon after looking around their parent site I learned of their business model which is to talk positively about companies and their products and get a kickback for any sales they send to the companies they profile.

Their reviews are super generic, factually incorrect in soooo many places, and written by someone that wouldn’t recognize food storage if it hit him in their face.

Case 3: Wesson

Probably the most shameless food storage review site is from Wesson Research, a phony company and website created by Legacy Premium Food Storage. I can’t get into details without outing my source but I confirmed this information from a very close friend who spoke with an executive of one of the largest food storage co-packers in the industry who confirmed that Legacy built the site to review themselves positively. He has known them from having done business with them in the past and shared that tidbit.

wesson research food storage reviewsLegacy probably created this site because they weren’t even part of the discussion of who are the top food storage companies. Handling their super thin mylar pouches and use of the most antiquated oxygen removal method (nitrogen flushing) there is probably a reason people aren’t taking them seriously.

There is seriously so much wrong about this site that it really deserves its own article just to call out all of the bad/biased information found there.

In Closing

What makes different is we write honest reviews of products we purchased with our own money and we don’t accept advertising. We don’t sell products on our website and never will. Some of our reviews may contain affiliate links that could possibly lead to a commission but we disclose this and it never affects how we evaluate products and companies.

Some or our reviews have been less than flattering and sometimes it makes vested parties angry. A few CEOs of food storage companies we’ve reviewed have offered to take us to lunch to discuss our review and in one case threatened legal action over information we have shared. In each case these CEOs were from companies where we had written less than glowing food storage company reviews. We won’t shy away from telling things how we see them whether it ruffles feathers or not.

In the end we want to inspire trust with our visitors. We want to help people make educated choices so they don’t waste their money. We feel a lot of people can see through the phony gaming going on of positive review after positive review, reselling products directly from their own site, or creating a review site to artificially raise your company profile within the industry.

We have nothing to hide and are proud of it. We don’t and will never sell out to make an extra buck. Writing glowing reviews of products we haven’t seen in person let alone even tried is just wrong.

Be careful what you read out there and who you trust. Get a feel for how in-depth a food storage review site knows or talk about the product, company, or service. Look for critical reviews. Be discerning and question everything. It’s that type of attitude that will help you find out what food storage items make the most sense for your family.

We wish you luck and as always feel free to comment below and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


  1. I have seen that first one, think it’s pretty obvious that they are just trying to get you to buy their product, I don’t really think of them as a review website despite their name.

    The Wesson Research site made me laugh when I went to check it out after reading your article. They post their address on the bottom of their page and when you search for it online it is a parking lot across the street from a Panda Express there is no business with that address.

    Anyways keep up the good work it’s fun reading your reviews I just wish you would do them more often

  2. I’m guessing most people can see through those websites but you never know, there’s a sucker born every minute as they say.

  3. Wesson Research lol, I’ve tried Legacy Premium it is far from the best

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