Saturday , 27 May 2017

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You have reached the best site on the internet for food storage reviews! Julie and I have been preparing and working on a more self reliant lifestyle for about 8 years now. In 2008, after the bank collapse I lost my job in the ensuing recession. We were put in a rough position due to our short-sightedness. Had we known then what we know now we would have had food and other preparations stored away for such a rainy day.

Aside for preparing for job loss there is the real possibility of natural disasters no matter where you live. Kim grew up in Southern California, while I grew up in the Bay Area. We are both very aware of earthquakes and general disasters that can strike at any time. After living in Utah for 15 years we have recently moved to Arizona. No matter where we find ourselves, there are always dangers out there but now we’re better prepared to confront them.

The peace that comes from a more self reliant lifestyle is real. We hope to share our experience while learning from you as we take a look at the different products and companies that are helping our family prepare.


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