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You have reached the best site on the internet for food storage and preparedness reviews!

First a little background, we’ve been preparing and working on a more self reliant lifestyle for over 9 years now. In 2008, after the housing bubble and financial collapse I lost my job during the ensuing recession. We were put in a rough position due to our short-sightedness. Had we known then what we know now, we would have avoided a lot of pain by storing food to get us through the tough financial times. Instead we built up quite the credit card bill to pay for necessities during the 12 months I was out of work.

At the time we lived in the middle of food storage capital of the world: the Wasatch Front, a mountain range that runs along the northern part of Utah’s most populated area . The valley is home to 90% of the preparedness companies in the United States.

The first job I got after being out of work was at one of the top food storage companies. A family member knew the owner and put in a good word for me. Kind of ironic after the hardship to land at a company in the industry but the ideology quickly won me over.

Within a year of being at the company I was moved into the role of Director of Product Management where I oversaw a small team that created new products and managed existing products. What this means is it was my sole responsibility to be an expert on the products we offered and the products our competitor’s offered. We were always buying and testing competitor products to see how ours stacked up. This helped us to develop new products that would satisfy customer’s needs and stand out from the competition. I worked there for over 6 years before leaving for warmer weather in 2016.

In addition to those responsibilities I also worked directly with freeze-dried food suppliers and with other suppliers for the various categories of products we offered (survival gear, water storage, dehydrated foods, etc). I was also fortunate to work closely at times with the canning and pouching operations of the various co-packers who packaged our foods. You can say I had my hand in pretty much every area of the business.

So you may ask why start a blog on food storage and preparedness? Why not start your own preparedness business since you have the experience to run one? The truth is it is a tough industry often driven by unforseen events. One day sales are through the roof and life is good but 6 months later you’re laying off seven of your best employees because sales have hit rock bottom and there is no more fat to be trimmed anywhere else. When you’re in the trenches it’s a pretty tough industry emotionally. I didn’t want that for me or for my wife and 3 kids.

Instead I’ve decided to share my knowledge and experiences with the internet while helping to make a little extra money to help with our continued preparedness plans. You see almost all websites (I’d say 98%) on the internet that share coupons or review products are affiliate websites. That means these websites put links to the products/deals and if you click on them and buying something then they gets a kick back. No exception here with our site.

Next you might ask, why should I trust your reviews if you’re incentivised to make money on the products you talk about? This is of course a fair question and we agree that you SHOULD be skeptical when visiting websites like ours though we feel confident as you read our reviews you’ll notice we’re being honest with our opinions. We post highly critical reviews and give low scores on the products we don’t like. The products we feel are good we score high and would recommend to others. We purchase all of the products we review so that way we’re not influenced in any way. Putting our money on the line means when a product stinks, it hurts, and we’ll make sure to communicate that in the review. To learn more about how we compare to other review sites check out a more in-depth article here on food storage review websites.

Move forward to today, we now reside in Arizona and are having fun with our preparedness journey. We continue to this day to learn more and more of what to do and what not to do. We continue to stock up and in the process we enjoy exposing the crappy products we come across while sharing positive experiences with the good products. Having a voice to share our experiences on has been gratifying. Many have reached out in appreciation for the information we provide, hopefully we’ll be able to help others in the process so they can make better informed decisions.

Many people hold onto to the hope of never having to use their food storage. We understand the sentiment, but if you ever need to use your preparedness items in a time of need you’ll be glad you didn’t buy junk. Hopefully we can help steer you away from the junk in the industry because it is definitely out there.

Thanks for dropping by and of course feel free to share your comments at the bottom of any page on our website.

Shawn Anderson

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  1. Hello,
    I am new to your website. I have been reading up on your website for about 2 hours now. I thank you for taking the time to give interested people so much useful information.
    I need to order a minimum of 6 months worth of food for me, my wife & 3 girls (ages 4, 9, 11) Unfortunately, i don’t have the time to compare 20 companies in the manner that you specified & recommended – to compare side by side the cost per calorie.
    could you please just recommend the top 5 companies and i’ll do the cost per calorie;
    or even better, if you’ve done this already, why not publish it ?
    requested advice:
    I don’t want to order ‘packages’ of assorted meals because i don’t want to pay for food that my family won’t eat.
    I want to keep it simple. I think that if i order things separately, (while more expensive) it would allow me to ensure that what we order will be consumed.
    for example, meats & beans for protein, rice / pasta for carbs, fruits & vegetables, then some deserts.
    do you think this is a good idea or do you recommend something else?

    Northern VA.

    • Shawn Anderson

      Nothing wrong with that approach at all Jay. A lot of people don’t try the food before they buy it and just assume hey if I have to eat it I will be glad that it is there in the first place. While I agree with that to a degree it never hurts to do a little more legwork and make educated choices.

      If I understand you right you are looking to order single ingredients in bulk (beans, meat, pasta, sauces, etc) and make the meals yourself. I think this is a great way to go. You can get ingredients that reconstitute in 10 minutes and will be able to make your own meals similar to Mountain House in how quick and easy they are to prepare by simply combining the ingredients right before you add water.

      If this is what you are looking to do I would recommend the Ready Store and Emergency Essentials. Nitro Pak is either out of business or in the process of being sold to someone else. Even if their owner didn’t just retire I would still rate them as the 3rd or 4th best option. Ready Store and Emergency Essentials will have everything you need. By the way check out the instant pastas and try them vs the normal pastas. They prepare quicker and taste equally as good. They will be pricier of course. Depending on your set up they might make sense.

  2. I want to buy a 1 year food supply for a family of 5 adults and 1 9 year old do you suggest I proceed?

    • Frank, are you looking for ready to eat meals or something you need to prepare? That is the first question to narrow down the options.

  3. Who would sell or where would I find foodstuffs that are Halal or kosher?

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